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I’ve often wondered about Wilson’s located at 700 V Street, NW just off Georgia Ave. Is this the great diner we’ve all been looking for? Ed. Note: Since many folks have already left on vacation I may have to repost this restaurant because I’m dying to hear if this should be a goto spot. I wonder if it rivals The Florida Grill?


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  • Am I the only one still at work? Regardless, I have never been to Wilsons. Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Me neither. Let’s have a future PoP happy hour brunch there (and one at CocoLibre please)

  • It’s been there awhile, and it, like CocoLibre and Fusion’s, deserves a chance.

  • I have eaten at Wilsons twice. The first time I ate regular food (I had blackened fish) it was mediocore. The second time I had breakfast (french toast and bacon) and it was SO GOOD. Best bacon I have had in a long time.

  • Wilsons gets the IntangibleArts thumbs-up. The food won’t win any international cuisine awards but shewt; it’s comfortable and friendly and an easy walk from IA headquarters. I call it good.

  • Oh, good to know about the breakfast. It’s within easy walking distance from us too and I always complain about lack of decent breakfast/diner-ish places in DC. It’s one of the things I miss about Baltimore, for sure.

  • saf

    I remember laughing at that sign when it opened. These days, “Since 1994” isn’t as funny as it was in 1994.

  • That was one of my earliest posts here — I was so puzzled by what…


    …could mean, and I asked about it.

  • I walk past this establishment often and noticed that “No Public Bathroom” is clearly stated on a sign that appears on the front door which seems odd for a sit down restaurant.

  • I’ve never been to Florida Ave Grill, but I just went to Wilsons recently for the first time and loved it. Also, everyone who works there was really nice. Two thumbs up from me!

  • Anon 2:34, I’d assume that meant for the general public/non customers.

  • Does anyone know if there is a restroom in Wilson’s?

  • Yes, there are definitely restrooms at Wilson’s. The sign means that the bathrooms are for customers only, rather than the general public.

  • Good and greasy breakfasts. Sort of a cross between Florida Avenue Grill and the old Waffle Shop. And they need that bathroom for the customers. Sometimes the food goes through you like a Ferrari, but in a good way.

  • about 10-12 years ago I met friends who told me after they left the 9:30 club that they were refused service at Wilsons because the waitress said they were drunk. Seemed excessive for a college hangout. My friends were indie rockers, not at all aggressive and seemed really sad about it.

  • Yeah, what about that:


    It’ been like that when I first discovered the place 1.5 years ago.

  • While I was at Howard I ate there many-a-time… including my graduation brunch. I’ve had the French Toast (twice) it was great. Fried Chicken, fabulous. And the peach cobbler… not the greatest. But I would definitely recommend eating there.

  • It’s delicious! We do Sunday breakfast there often and always leave fat and happy:) Great local spot and a definite must for yummy breakfast foods.

  • @Binklesworth

    I was told that it used to say:


    Which doesn’t seem to be so amazing that you’d need to put it on a big sign, but what do I know about the restaurant biz.

  • The old Waffle Shop did NOT close as in a previous post, they simply moved down the block into the Lincoln House on 10th Street, same good service, most of the friendly staff is stll there, and for the Florida Avenue Grill, their service is with a smile! and at least they have restrooms in the light of none at Wilson’s.

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