Judging Restaurants – Vegetate


Vegetate is located at 1414 9th Street, NW.

Their Web site says:

“Vegetate believes in using the best possible ingredients from local and regional farms, purveyors and businesses. We also work with small, family and independently-owned businesses, which ensures that we know exactly where your food and drinks come from. This also means that our menu changes often depending on the seasonality of produce and these products.”

Any fans out there?

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  • The bites are pretty good and they have a sweet beer selection. It seems a little vacuous. It is one of the closest bars I live near so I am trying to give it a chance. I don’t think I will be calling it my fav drinking hole anytime soon. But then again maybe it doesn’t want to be called a fav drinking hole by patrons.

  • Huge, huge fan here. And I’m a meat eater, if that says anything. As the menu changes with the seasons, it’s tough to identify a favorite item on the menu. Their soups are always delicious. I love anything with their cashew cream sauce. Oh, I could go on and on…

    Their cocktails are also a must-try (cocktail lounge is upstairs). They use fresh juices, so the offerings are always changing and always inventive. With its great music and atmosphere, I think it’s a great happy hour or pre-party destination.

  • The food and cocktails are fantastic. I’m a vegetarian but my meat-eating husband enjoys it as well. The service is on the slow side, but if you aren’t in a rush, it’s worth the wait.

  • It’s no Millenium, but I would say Vegetate is the best veggie restaurant in the area. Very tasty, but not ZOMG delicious. Also, home made ginger ale? MMMMM.

  • Vegetate was voted as offering DC’s “Best Romantic Vegan Meal” on VegDC.com…


  • Good food, and I’m Mr. Meat. I’m really inclined to go there just because the churchies tried to screw them on their liquor license. The churchies can EAT ME.

  • I’m mos definitely a fan. Apparently they are having a sweet new years eve package too…..love this place.

  • I went there once and ordered the Lasagna – it was aweful. The presentation is also not so good. This would not be my choice as the best vegetarian restaurant in DC.

  • i’ve been there twice… there food is hit or miss. I had grilled seitan once and it tasted like they did not season it at all. Cocktails are great though! I will they were always a hit.

  • I always seem to still be hungry when I’ve left there.. and I’m not a big eater.

  • I was only there once, but I thought it was tasty and creative.

  • I think the food is great, I am not a vegetarian. Even my Midwest meat-eatin’ parents enjoyed their dishes but they just about collapsed for lack of food to take their meds with, the service was so slow. Also – as is with so many places in our area it is so very loud. Monkey – I remember the problems they had with churchies from MD. We are lucky they were able to operate as long as they did without a liquor license.
    Other opinion: my Capitol Hill cousin strongly dislikes the food here.

  • Be Bar (few houses down) has had some major issues with the churches over there. I dare say some hate crime has been going on around that area as well.

  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  • I’m with you on that monkeyerotica. The churches really were a pain in the ass for the people that opened this place. I remember reading that it damn near put them out of business. The churches on 9th St. can hold their own when it comes to racism.

  • So, I’m not into the food, except for the veggie sliders (I think there’s still a $1 slider night?). Drinks are amazing and bartenders of all genders=very attractive.

  • “Best vegan food i’ve eaten” is like saying “best passenger plane crash i’ve survived.” it still ain’t good.

  • Anon 5:50pm: If you’re ever in San Francisco, go to Millenium. I guarantee you’ll change your mind, unless there’s something horribly wrong with your taste buds. Or heck, just get a brownie or cupcake from Sticky Fingers!

  • Wow, I like Sticky Fingers okay for a vegan bakery but it is nothing compared to Millennium!

    Vegetate…well, I want to love it because it is local and I am vegetarian and I am on their side but…eh. I have had one underwhelming, one rude, and one okay experience there and I guess I am not feeling the need to roll the dice again.

  • Went there last night after intending to check it out for a long time. It was awesome, both food and service. And if you go up to the bar at happy hour and get stuff off the happy hour menu, it’s a great deal. Will definitely go back.

  • i have always enjoyed my experiences at vegetate. the food and cocktails were great, the atmosphere is fun, and the service was fine.

    and yes, gays beware! there have been a number of really brutal hate crimes in this area.

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