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  • Got roti there once, it was big big. Haven’t been back for no real reason.

  • I love the Roti. Try the Chana and the shrimp roti, maybe a Sorel drink. They are a nice family run place, and I’ve even had a sub-teenage waittress one time. Big, big screen tv, and occasionally, live music.

    PoP, I’m shocked that you’ve never tried this long-running U-Street institution. This calls into question your food-cred.

  • Good food from Trinidad (I wouldn’t mess with the Jamaican dishes, but then again i’m Jamaican)
    Can be quite loud, especially when they have the band there.
    Service/Kitchen is on “Island time”, so definitely don’t go when you’re starving.

    U-Street area has other Caribbean choices as well.

  • WestIndianArchie – where do you recommend that’s good in the area? I am getting hungry.

  • Excellent food, fun staff, and good drinks. Have always had a good meal there. Good place for out of towners from the outback who want to try “something different”.

    Highly recommend it.

  • I used to live right next door at 2020 U St. and ate at this place only once. The food and atmosphere were not impressive enough to justify the pricing on the menu.

  • I ate there once and liked the food, although I’d note the portions were somewhat small. When I mentioned to my (white) friends on the IFA that I went there, many laughed at me. I was puzzled, then noticed that I rarely see white people in the restaurant. What gives?

  • Thumbs up from me though I prefer going when outdoor seating is available.

  • It used to be located in Adams Morgan on Columbia Road. I’ve only been once since they moved to U Street, and while the food is good, the service was incredably slow.

  • Disgusting, recommend against eating there, ever.

  • erratic hours indeed; erratic altogether.

    for about two years, it was a running joke with my friends; we would always agree to meet at the Islander for dinner before a show at the 9:30 club, and it every time we showed up, they were inexplicably closed. then finally, we got there one night and it was actually open; we ordered our food, and it took forever to come out. fairly tasty, but the prices were on the high side considering what i usually pay for caribbean food elsewhere. if you aren’t in a hurry and don’t mind overpaying, check it out.

  • If their prices are high now, what would it be like if they renovated? That place is disgusting inside…..that green carpet.

  • Yeah, their carpet tastes disgusting.

    Definitely slow service. But the saltfish is decent and the goat curry kicks ass. Or goat’s ass. Or something. Also, do they still make their own ginger beer? If they do, ask them to not go crazy with the sugar. It’s like the jamaican equivalent of Southern sweet tea, where they give you a mason jar full with a cup of sugar in it and add some tea and ice. Five-shrieks on the monkeyrotica scale.

  • I’ve gone there twice and will never return. Once, I went with two friends. We sat down and, after 30 minutes of just waiting, we walked out — joking that we weren’t served because we were the only white people there. The second time, I ordered a salad (which I was told by the waitress was HUGE, and I laughed when I received it because it was just a few pieces of lettuce and a slice of a tomato) and vegetable roti, which was way over salted. The service was awful and the waitress, not that friendly. I also live across the street and even with all the windows closed, hear yelling and conversations from outside patrons late into the night. My recommendation: DON’T BOTHER.

  • I had no idea Trinidad was known for its salad.

  • I had no idea Trinidad was known for its salad!

  • I’d actually walk down to Tropicana before I would go the Islander. But i have a bias towards take out. In Jamaica and definitely in Brooklyn (NY), restaurants with wait service are always on Island time. I’m too Americanized for all of that now. Not surly enough I guess.

    I have yet to go to Negril over by Howard.

    – There are 3-4 Caribbean spots on H Street NE.
    – 2-3 in Brookland.
    – a lot in Maryland. (I like the Golden Krust @ Prince George’s mall)

  • I was extremely disappointed in regard to my recent trip to the Islander. It was my first time and I decided to go due to some positive reviews. I absolutely love West Indian food and was hoping that my dining experience at the Islander would make me nostalgic of my college days back in NYC when I gained 40 pounds due to the amazing West Indian cuisine alone. 🙂 I did not get my wish. The hostess/cook was extremely rude from the moment I walked into the door. I was hoping to forgive the horrendous decor (and bad attitude) because of the food. However, the food is nowhere near the best and was extremely way overpriced. I ordered a vegetarian platter and coke and left paying 20 dollars!! In New York, I would pay 6 dollars for the same meal that was one hundred times better. Please, do not waste your time.

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