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The Grill From Ipanema is located at 1858 Columbia Road, NW. Besides having one of the best names for a restaurant I’m wondering what the food is like. I’ve never been to a Brazilian restaurant before so I don’t even know what to expect. Any fans out there?

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  • The Grill is awesome and they are working on expanding into the space next door, which will be great. Lots of really good and diverse food.

  • I went a few years ago with some friends. The food was ok, the service was good. I’d recommend if someone were in the neighborhood, but I wouldn’t say go out of your way to eat there.

  • I would say that a restaurant that has been around as long as that much be good, but Bread & Chocolate on the Hill was around for a long time (gone now) and it sucked. Saying that the one time I ate there I like it.

  • I have never eaten there, but I appreciate it for the small moment of delight the name always gives me when I go by on the bus. I should patronize them just for that.

  • I love Brazilian food, so I’ll have to check it out.

  • My husband and I went there. The food wasn’t memorable but the service was good. I think there are other alternatives and probably wouldn’t go back.

  • I haven’t been there in years, but they used to make this great dish…it was a white fish of some sort, wrapped in phyllo dough and then baked with a bunch of fruits like grapes, strawberries, etc.

  • Really like it – we used to live nearby and went for caipirinhas (the Brazilian version of a mojito) pretty frequently. In contrast to everyone else, I always thought the food was better than the service. The carne del sol was always my favorite; my husband likes the coconut milk-based seafood stews.

  • I haven’t been there in quite awhile, but they used to have drink on their cocktail menu that was heavenly (something with passion fruit juice and rum). yum!

  • I had a good meal there a few years ago, but the only specific recollection I have is that there were whole baby (or maybe just tiny) squid in my food. I can’t remember if I ate them or not. (Hence, why I am not a restaurant reviewer).

  • Have to agree with Anon. I ate there a few times, years ago, back when I still ate red meat. I think I enjoyed their steaks, enough to go back, not enough to rave about. But I like them for the neighborhood feel.

  • That soup thing in the clay pot is awesome. And I love sitting at the bar. Great service, great bartenders. I lived here for seven years before I finally went last year and now I can’t get enough.

  • i’ve been there many times. i grew up in brasil, so…. i think i can lay claim to being a relatively “fair” critic.

    the caipirinhas are awesome. the food, so so. it’s one of the few places you can get alligator in dc, but in general, most of the food is sort of tailored to the american palate. if you want real brasilian fare, you have to ask for the food to be prepared “like real brasilian food is prepared”. it helps if you speak portuguese.

    i’m not knocking it. it’s not bad, but it’s not exactly as tasty as real brasilian food in a decent restaurant. it’s still worth a shot if you’ve never had brasilian food.

    prince, i thought you spent some time in brasil…. what’s up? did you not eat out while there?

    i still prefer fogo de chao downtown, but that’s not even comparable to the grill.

    i always think it’s funny that my gringo friends that i take to eat there, claim they’ve had brasilian food. nuh uh. they’ve had something “close” to brasilian food….

  • fogo de chao may not be that authentic, but it’s a good way to stuff yourself with meat until you become ill and totter around like an unbalanced weeble.

  • the feijoada there is excellent!

  • odentex:

    we know 4 of the head waiters. they came from the original fogo in brasil.

    we knew them when they were still working at fogo in sao paulo.

    whenever we go, we ask them to give us authentic cuts, temperado the way they are supposed to be. so… we get it authentic. believe me, it’s very close to authentic.

    your comment is hilarious, and i’ve shared it with my bras friends.

    thanks for the laugh!

  • oh, and.. “odentex”.

    you likely need to learn how to pace yourself when eating churrasco. gimme a jingle and i’ll give you some pointers. or just wiki how to eat brasilian food.

    again, thanks for the laugh!

    p.s. one day, maybe you can teach me how to eat mcdonalds!

  • saf

    It’s ok, but not great.

    And here, I show my age by asking who else remembers the Omega Restaurant – the Cuban place that was there, before it burned down and the Grill took the space.

  • The Omega burned down? Or just burned? Anyway, yeah I rememebr it and the bowl of black beans and white rice they served. Muy cubano.

  • McDonalds is not worth learnin’. Texas brisket cooked in the smoker all day, now that’s a different story.

  • I second the comment earlier – the feijoada is tasty!

    fogo is not brazilian. It’s like general tso chicken. Makes us stupid Americans think we’re going exotic, when really it’s just been americanized for our unrefined palates.

  • lived near by…for same price cashions is soo much better

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