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  • Haven’t been in awhile but I am a fan — decor is indeed very cool and I enjoyed the food. Of a group of restaurants that MUST have been developed by the same restaurant group (all have similar concepts, pricing, design style, web sites, locations, even names), Oya and Rasika are my faves (others from that group, or at least I am guessing is the case, include Zenga, Cafe Atlantico, Oyamel, and Zaytinya).

  • oyamel, zaytinya, cafe atlantico, and jaleo are part of jose andres’ restaurant group and not associated with oya. Rasika is part of another series of concept restaurants that also includes the oval room. I think this one is independent. however, they do look like they hire the same architects to build out their space!

  • I almost come away thinking that this is a terribly overpriced place. I hate the drinks. All that comes to mind is the awful ‘Dark and stormy’ drink. But people love it. Zaytinya is much better to me. Some of the other places mentioned are much better to me.

  • i’m partial to rasika, zaytinya and oyamel myself. jaleo for some reason seems to have gone downhill.

    the most amazing brunch in the city is cafe atlantico’s 12 course dim sum brunch…

  • Seriously overpriced and terribly snooty.

    I left LA to get away from places like this.

  • I came here for their happy hour rolls. I thought they were delicious but I don’t think I’d come back and pay full price. I’d definitely return for happy hour.

  • Been there once and didn’t like. The food was so-so, and at that price point I expect something a bit more spectacular. I wouldn’t go back, even on my expense account. Much better places to choose from within a stones throw

  • Jaleo has changed their menu and the recipes for some of their dishes, all for the worse, which is why it seems to have gone downhill.

    I love the service and food at Rasika, but good luck keeping your voice there – those hard surfaces amplify the noise so much, you can barely hear yourself think, let alone your dinner partner.

    Anyway, don’t know Oya, but it doesn’t sound like I want to.

  • It’s definitely more of a “be seen” kinda place than one that you go to if you’re
    a) really hungry
    b) hankering for a culinary experience

  • I was there a while back and loved it. Yes it is expensive, but it isn’t overpriced. It is a nice restaurant. If you want something cheap, get a hot dog from the food cart.

  • It’s a nice spot for happy hour with 50% off martinis and sushi rolls. The few times I’ve been, the clientele and staff did not come off as snooty even though I expected them to be. I think the food is probably overpriced for what you get.

  • Yeah, I guess when it comes to restaurants, opinions are like, well, you know … personally I thought the food here was really good and certainly plentiful the two times I went, better than Zaytinya (which I thought was over-salty and overrated), and worlds better than Jaleo of Zengo (ichhh). I’d rank this place third after Rasika and Proof for Penn Quarter restaurants I’ve been to. I mean, it is D.C. so I do lower my culinary expectations accordingly; in NYC, SF or Chicago, certainly, pretty much all of those places, other than Rasika, wouldn’t stand a chance.

    Although Cafe Atlantico (have yet to go for dinner) does have a wicked awesome (if very steep) brunch — I will second that recommendation for certain. Speaking of Atlantico, anyone been to Minibar? Want to try, but want to make sure it is worth the exhorbitant cost.

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