Judging Restaurants – Luna Grill & Diner


Luna Grill & Diner is located at 1301 Connecticut Ave, NW. Their Web site says:

“Luna Grill & Diner is a family owned and operated restaurant established in 1970 offering the finest in cuisine and atmosphere. Our family recipes delight the palate and attract the eye. Ask about our monthly wine tasting dinner and daily specials.”

So do the recipes really delight the palate and attract the eye?

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  • My office is very close to Luna. It’s a good option for a sit down lunch, their sandwiches are decent. But it’s nothing mind-blowing. A nice alternative to a casual, sit down lunch in Dupont.

  • Ok. Just a thought/feedback: This is nowhere near Petworth. It’s south Dupont. Can we reel it in a little?

    That said, they have an excellent homemade veggie burger.

  • I concur about the veggie burger.

  • Awesome veggie burgers and awesome chocolate layer cake. I agree it isn’t mind-blowing food, but I always find it a nice place for a casual dinner, happy hour, or lunch. Usually good service, good beer (though limited selection) on tap, and decent prices. It is definitely one of my go-to Dupont area restaurants.

  • I liked this place a lot though they changed chefs maybe a year+ ago. Subsequently, the food is less great. Appreciate the Anchor Steam on tap.

  • Great sweet potato fries.

  • E, if you havent noticed POP is going citywide. he has been expanding for quite some time and has done so very openly. are you a new reader? How do you expect the man to go Pro only covering petworth?

  • Just went there last night and was surprised to see they are in the same restaurant family as Busboys & Poets. Had a bacon burger and it was delicious.

  • Its the best place to get breakfast weekday mornings on the way to work, try it when your boss is out of town one morning…

  • I went there for the first time on Sunday during brunch. The Veggie Burger Wrap was one of the best veggie burgers I’ve had in D.C. , not to mention very big. I could only eat half and saved the rest for the next day. Just as yummy the second time around. 🙂

  • Great late night dining option – open later than most.

  • I liked it! It was a very relaxed environment and the service was great. I was craving a blt and it hit the spot.

  • i was super excited to try it when i kept hearing raves about it from locals when i first moved here. i’ve given it a go several times over the last 3 years, and it continues to disappoint.

  • never failed to disappoint

  • Anonymous: I’ve actually been a reader for years, so of course I’ve noticed. It was just a bit of advice… I don’t think the blog has particularly gone city-wide without a specific reason — it generally sticks to the upper green line – Petworth, Mt. P, U St., CH, & Shaw. It’s just my opinion that it’s important to keep a focus.
    Was just trying to add some constructive criticism. In light of the “going pro” business.

  • e: When PoP starts to post about NoVa then it’s time to put the fork in him.

  • all day breakfast!

  • Odentex: It’ll be just like the WaPo food section then! All NoVA, all the time…

  • I love Luna Grille – not because the food is amazing- but the service is friendly, the wait even on the weekends is nowhere near as bad as some other breakfast places, you can get a giant portion of hangover eggs and greasy bacon, and the coffee they order from Counter Culture Coffee is so delicious I asked about it last year and then bought everyone i know a bag from the distributor.

    Also, because they have everything imaginable on the menu, it’s a great place to bring picky Midwestern out-of-towners like my family when they come for a visit. They can find burgers and meatloaf and spaghetti on the menu after I’ve dragged them to thai, ethiopian, morroccan and caribbean places during the rest of their visit. 🙂

  • I’ve eaten there off and on through the years. I’ve always enjoyed it. good food, fun atmosphere.

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