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Dino is located at 3435 Connecticut Avenue NW. I’ve gone a couple of times for restaurant week and have loved it every time. If memory serves they also have a really good wine list. Any other fans out there? I’m also curious – does anyone know the deal with Sabores next door?

Here was our discussion on best Italian Restaurants in the city.

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  • Sabores of course means flavors in Spanish but I know nothing more about it. As for Dino, I should try it. Looks like PoP is traveling out of Petworth to Cleveland Park. It’s so close if you go through the back roads and cut throught the park. I’m there all the time.

  • Sabores has the NICEST staff but the food is just so-so. I’m a big fan of Dino’s and its Wednesday wine flights.

  • I love the wild boar pasta at Dino’s. The service can be hit or miss sometimes, but the homemade pasta and excellent wine is worth it.

  • Personally, I don’t like it when POP travels east of the park. Please stick to where your readership lives and doesn’t already know about. Everybody has been to Cleveland, Woodley Park many times and we don’t come to this website for that kind of info. Keep the quirky city discoveries coming, but lay off the well traveled areas.

  • I mean west of the park

  • Sobores is owned by the same guys that own the Uptown Tavern a few spots down. The “side-car” restaurant and the bar downstairs used to be connected as one establishment. After the new owners took over, they split it up and renovated both.

    I had better experiences with Sabores’ food than Nita. I love the south american cuisine menu and there is some avocado app that is insanely good. Ditto on the nicest staff comment though. Sabores is the best nice weather place in the city in my opinion. All the walls come up and it becomes a big covered patio.

    As for Dinos, I like that too. However, I have to save it for restaurant week also.

  • i second the boar pasta – so tasty! they have a great wine speical too, which is where i discovered my favorite wine eva – the prisoner! also, i think they do a resturant week menu evey monday

  • Dino started off great, with kick ass appetizers and unique main courses, but I’ve heard they’ve gone nowhere but down since the opening a few years ago.

    Sabores used to be the park bench pub, one of the best places in DC to watch NFL games on Sunday, especially for a Browns fan like me, I miss it.

    Never eaten at Sabores but I’ve been told they have a nice rivalry going with Dino over smells and leaks from each other’s kitchens.

  • Love, love LOVE Dino! They did our rehearsal dinner in incredible style for a very affordable price. We can’t afford to go there much for a night out but if you need a private party – give them a call. Great service. Exceptional food. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

  • Dino is fantastic and you get great quality food for the money you spend. Last time I was there, they were doing restaurant week menus every day except the weekend – so for $35 you could get any appetizer, any entree and any dessert. Unlike other posters, I don’t think the quality has gone down. Sometimes I like my meal better than other times, but the food is always well prepared.

  • before it was park bench it was club soda and the crab shack. club soda was a bar with two coin pool tables and it NEVER closed. if you knew them well enough to go around back and knock on the alley door after last call. Also. get over it people. POP is city wide. deal with it. how many times can he post doorways in petworth proper before it gets old. if you want this many posts a day and for them to be interesting then the mans gotta expand.

  • Mmm, love Dino. I only go for Restaurant Week but the experience is always great.

  • Went to Dino’s once, and don’t plan to go back. Nothing was particularly BAD but nothing was particularly great either.

  • Never been to Dino. Sabores is great. Mostly small plates – tapas. The cozy-ness of the restaurant makes it a great place to chit chat with your neighbors, ask them what they’re ordering, make friendly small talk, etc. It looks sort of urban lounge but it’s pretty laid back, more so that it first appears. In the nice weather, they open the entire restaurant to the air by rolling up the garage door style windows and it’s great. Couples will bring their dogs and sit at the outside tables. They have a great selection of beers, wines, cava and make great mixed drinks. It’s really close to the cleveland park metro so, even if you don’t live in the neighborhood, I’d say GO.

  • Went for restaurant week about a year ago and i wasn’t too thrilled with the place. Of course, I haven’t been thrilled with too many places during restaurant week. The service was pretty bad that day and the food was ok, but not good enough to make me want to back there anytime soon. I’ve heard that the wine is the best thing they have going there so maybe I’ll try it again sometime.

  • went for a birthday wine tasting paired with small plates. we ended up spending $100 each, for a group of 12 people. food was average, environment was cramped and noisy. i won’t be going back.

  • I love this restaurant. The food is great and and it’s excellent spot to take visiting family. I have always been impressed with the level of customer service here. And it’s located in wonderful Cleveland Park. When your done with dinner you can take nice and safe evening stroll with out of town guests. My family loves this area and love the street performers (usually a guy plays jazz on the corner where Dino’s is located). They also like the hustle and bustle of the area.

  • What’s wrong with this blog covering any or all of the city? It’s been a long time since it was Petworth only anyway – and I certainly spend time and eat in areas other than Petworth.

    Now what I would be in favor of is actually TAGGING posts with a category and/or a neighborhood. It’s absolutely impossible to find anything in the past using the search function because of the volume of posts. Tags would make it easier for people to look at only stuff they care about (like the anti-CP reader above) and also to browse the archives.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    It’s a good point Jaime. I do try and tag most posts but I need to do a better job tagging specific neighborhoods. Will do better in the future!

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