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  • This place is absolutely awful on so many levels. Didn’t the city close this place recently for unsanitary conditions?

  • nate: I hope it wasn’t. I went there a year ago with parents and cousins and we all enjoyed our meals and the atmosphere; I would go again but I just don’t eat out very much. The menu selections and prices were fine since we weren’t there for a culinary experience, but for its famous location.

  • Did you know this place apparently turns into a swingers club on the weekend?

  • Vonstallin

    Posting Anonymous For this One Says:

    Yep! lol
    and then some on other nights : O

  • “Did you know this place apparently turns into a swingers club on the weekend?”

    That…is…disgusting. There’s probably residue from semen and ass-juice all over the place.

  • hahahahaha. Bo Cav is now owned by some persian from nova. a mason fraternity used to throw bangers there on the weekends in this cramped little club in the upstairs. $10 got you a ride into the city on bus and entrance. All the sorority girls would come out to it and get wasted and wanna get laid. Man, those were some good times.

  • A swinger’s club? I had heard that. Well in that case, there just might be something on the menu that I would enjoy eating! HA. What night is the swinger’s party? I heard it was Sat.

  • I think its Bar Nun that has the swingers night. Not bohemian caverns.

  • Yeah Petworth shopper is right about Bar Nun, but it’s closed now. It’s Club Pure now, I don’t know if they still have the swingers night. Yikes I hope that Bohemian Caverns isn’t … i ate there only once because they were hosting an Obama party to watch his convention speech. I had a lobster bisque and a salad. Both were fine, pretty good actually. Man you guys are grossing me out….

  • Vonstallin

    Bar Nun across the street use to have a few swinger days…one durring the week and one on sat.

  • I hear the club right down from Busboys has a swinger night now. It is the one right up from Marvin’s.

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