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  • the asymmetrical windows look a little weird to me, especially on the 1st floor. maybe it’s the arches over them. dig the roofdeck, though.

  • For Sherman Ave., very nice. Someone worked to make it as liveable as possible – the conc. posts with modern iron grating are a necessity there and they are quite clean looking. The pop up is set far enough back to not only make space for the good deck, but it’s not obtrusive. More places like this on Sherman would be a plus.

  • This building took forever to finish, but thank god it’s done. Unlike that piece of pop-up plywood exposed crap at the top of Sherman at Park Rd.

    Any price listings avail?

  • I like the yellow paint too. I know it’s painted brick, which is controversial around here, but the color is fresh.

  • Vonstallin

    (LOL at Fonzy)

    I never figured that mustard would look nice on a house…but this is cool.
    Oh but I hate the odd looking stones on the house to the left of this…Blah!

  • Definitely agree Sherman could use more development like this and Coco Libre. I really wish the city would get going on the reconstruction of Sherman Ave. as that will make the street a lot more appealing for potential small-scale developers.

    Anyone know the story with that aptly-described building on Park and Sherman? Next to such a gorgeous row home, to boot. I remember seeing the zoning hearing scheduled that made it seem like this would be an apartment building. Based on what has been done so far, I am not terribly optimisitic that this won’t be total crap even if it does get built, but I wonder if the lending climate has chalked up another victim …

  • I like it. As others have said: Fresh for Sherman.

  • Quite nice! Trying just a bit too hard to fit in with the old perhaps, but not bad at all.

  • poo poo gives it two thumbs up.

    and for all intents and purposes… that’s all she wrote. NEXT!

  • I think it’s pretty handsome, maybe a tad timid and plain. It will balance better once some infill goes in on its left flank.

  • I really like it, but I wonder why the door doesn’t match the windows?

  • I think now that it is finished it looks good, does not overshadow the home next door, a slight contrast in color with the neighbors formstone finish, which may be the house’s insulation.
    Thumbs up

  • Rock on… I’m so happy that Pop visited Sherman. There are a very few upscale renovations on Sherman. Keep your eyes on 3214 Sherman Ave, just listed for $450 (4 BR + basement apt + 2 car garage and large lot).

    Should anyone be interested in buying 3209 Sherman Ave, which is considered a shell, I understand the Robinsons will make a good deal with you, e.g. $150 K

  • Due to gale force winds in the real estate markets, I am not sure the time is right for upscale renovations, wait and see is the right approach right now, things will improve with something for everyone, no matter their income.

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