Judging New Buildings


This building is located at 1466 Harvard Street, NW. I think I may have mentioned it before but now you can really tell what it will look like. I dig it. You?

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  • Diggin it. Also I think we need an Allegro Condo update. I havent been able to get over there to check it out in awhile. any more word on the commercial tennants aside from the thai place?

  • I like it…but…it kind of looks more like a school than a home. Just sayin’.

  • This is a “big” trend here in DC. I don’t have the architectural chops to pick out the elements that I see that are common to a lot of bldgs in the area – but right now it doesn’t look too appealing to me.

  • groovy. what’s the reddish material on the outside? wood?

  • It’s OK, but hey tore down a pefectly nice old row house to build it rather than renovate. A friend of mine had lived in the row house (it was a group house) and although it needed some work, it was pefectly serviceable. I was sad to see it go.

  • @Chris in Eckington: I’m not sure what row house you are referring to. The only thing there before was a burned out shell of a building that couldn’t really be considered much of a row house. It was hideous to look at. This is a nice improvement.

  • It is an interesting building but completely jarring on that block amid the rowhouses. It is very out of context where it is. It doesn’t respect or reflect it’s surroundings. Not a fan.

  • Yikes, before the grammar police come,

    “It doesn’t respect of reflect ITS surroundings.” No apostrophe. Sorry.

  • I think it will look nice when it’s finished. But I’m annoyed that they were able to build so close to the sidewalk. Everything else on the block is set back, but this building is only a foot or two from the sidewalk.

    Ok. Full disclosure. I live next door and this effin’ builiding is blocking my window.

  • Zilla, that’ s a totally legit criticism. I was over there again last night and the way this building juts out into the street is just atrocious. It shouldn’t be legal. You look down Harvard street toward the East and you have a nice view of all the houses until you hit this thing and then it blocks off your view of the whole street. And that’s standing on the sidewalk! Argh.

  • It’s one of the ugliest examples of modern architecture I have ever seen, and when I’m walking past it on my way to church on Sundays, I deliberately duck my head and speed up.

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