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Like many others I thought Casino Royale was phenomenal. So I am sad to say I was a bit disappointed in the Quantum of Solace. I didn’t find the story terribly compelling and some of the crazy camera angles during action scenes just made me dizzy. It was still good and certainly worth renting but I don’t necessarily think it’s worth seeing in theater. What did you guys think of the film?

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  • Agree with this review 100 percent. Casino Royale much better.

  • Casino Royale was better, but you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t see it at the Uptown. You’ll be blown away by some of the scenes on that big screen! I always question those who want to see action movies but “will wait until its on dvd.” It’s pennywise, pound foolish. Always less exciting, less breathtaking, less of everything that you presumably want in a big budget action movie. Reminds me of when I was in college, someone was taking a film class, missed the screening, and had to watch Lawrence of Arabia on vhs on a 13 inch tv in their dorm room. Talk about ruining an experience!

  • without a doubt entertaining with lots of action, but overall, meh.

    not enough gadgets and not enough cool cars. and the first james bond movie i’ve ever seen without tons of sex.

  • As a second half of Casino Royale — as in, it should only be watched on DVD following Casino Royale — I liked it. As a stand alone Bond film, it was very disappointing. I did, in fact, see it at the Uptown opening day. Of 3 films I’ve been looking forward to this year, Indiana Jones, Dark Knight being the other two, this was the least disappointing.

  • I loved it but mostly because of the opening scene car chase. I mention it here:

  • Vonstallin

    I like it also.
    Not as good as CR, but I’m not the type who have to veiw movies in a traditional format or way. It wrap up “most” of CR but left enuff ends to have a 3rd movie. It is still a good story.

    My heart hurt watching that Aston Martin get cruntch up…

  • I did really like this movie despite what most people said. I think that while it was much different from the other Bond movies it was still really enjoyable and sort of delved further into the pysche that is Bond.

  • If you like car chases, just watch Bourne, or for that matter, Ronin. I watch Bond for plot, cool villains, gadgets, babes, double entendres, none of which were present here, with a smattering of action. This was a lesser, pale immitation of a Bourne movie. Plus, if you cast Jeffrey Wright, who rocks, use him for god’s sake! He was barely on screen.

    I can’t BELIEVE you found Dark Knight more disappointing than this. Ledger vs. the blah villains in this — enough said. I am with you on Indiana Jones though. The biggest let down since the new Star Wars trilogy — just an absolute abomination and painful to watch. If Lucas was a horse, he’d be glue right now.

  • I abandoned Bond when he started wearing life jackets.

  • rivals “Die Another Day” as the worst Bond film of all time. “Casino Royale” was spectacular, and Daniel Craif is excellent, but the muddled directing, chain-saw editing and muddled, incomprehensible, and indeed, boring story kill this movie. even the chase scenes and “something blowed up” shots were terrible–they are shot in pseudo-Bourne Identity frenzied chaos, only not very successfully, and all you ended up with was a bunch of quick cut shots of out-of-focus color and loud noises. we can only pray they’ll get back the Casino Royale writers and director for the next one.

  • Daniel CraiG, that is

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  • until about 2/3 through, it was the average (outstanding) bond flick. then something clicked and i thought it was among the best. when it was over, i raced my sports-car home, kicked in the door, and did to someone what daniel craig shoulda done to Olga Kurylenko. (well, not exactly. but i wanted to)

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