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  • looks kind of fug from the outside but I bet the units are cool from the inside looking out.

  • For how narrow they had to make the building it seems fine… Good to add residents to every nook and cranny =)

  • I was once in one of the units for an open house. Predictably, it was long and narrow, without much light. For such a narrow building, the exterior is fairly nondescript; I much prefer the stick building on the west side of the 1600 block of 16th St. (which took years to build and yielded little profit to the developer in a robust market). This stick building is part of the same condo as the much larger building in the left background (its address is actually 1117 10th, not 1117 L as stated by POP); I am curious why there is an empty lot at 10 & L between the two buildings.

  • Vonstallin

    I was about to give it 2 thumbs up and was wondering what you guys ment by narrow. then i took another look…are you telling me its not part of the older dark red brick building?

    If so then Ill change my 2 thumbs up rating to:

    1 thumb up and 1 thumb in my pants…the back of my pants….

    hmmmm, as mentioned nice design, but way too narrow. and I bet for the price it will not feel worth it.

  • What’s the deal with a large surface parking lot in that location? Seems like a waste of valuable land

  • What income levels are they marketing to?, is it the monotonous high end market or it it diverse as it should be? Thumbs up IF it is marketed to diverse income people, thumbs down if it is another cookie cutter high end market building.

  • I actually live in this building…and it is actually an extension of the Quincy Court building…notice the red brick building on the left hand side…yup…it’s weird but it wraps around. The brown building on the right just got renovated and is not connected to the red. Does that make sense…I think I may have confused myself :).

  • I’ve been in a couple of these units. Tthe front (living area, kitchen) and back (bedrooms) area are comfortably wide. However, in between there is little liveable space as this part of the building houses the access point (an elevator), another bathroom, closets, and the hallway that connects the front and back.

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