Judging Buildings


The 7th Street Savings Bank building located at 7th and N is a classic. Anyone know if it is still a functioning bank? Regarding the building itself – thumbs up or down?



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  • It is not still a functioning bank, there is a messenger service that seems to operate out of its second flood though, I believe.

  • Re: the building itself, Hugh thumbs up. It would be nice if it still had a clock in the balustrade. Very handsome building.

  • Beautiful building surrounded by a bleak reality.

  • Gorgeous building–I walk by it every day on my way to Metro and it brightens the commute. That parking lot right next door is like an open wound, though. If I won the Lotto I’d buy that plot and build something urban.

  • This reminds me of the old bank at Georgia and Missouri, next to that indoor dog park. It might even be the same design. Could be so great, if some one with $ would fix it up and open it up.

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