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What do you think of these newish townhomes located just west of 16th Street and Meridian Hill Park? I dig how the curve and follow the contour of the road. Think this building will pass the test of time?


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  • i miss the view you used to have of the washington monument from that point. they’re OK, as far as urban infill goes, but it could have been better without the curb cuts and street-facing garages.

  • I was about to say what IMGoph just said about garages and curb cuts based on just seeing these pictures (haven’t wandered out there in a really long time). But, it looks like there’s only one garage entrance (at least that I can tell). If there are more, then I do agree. Curb cuts do detract from what looks like nice-looking architecture.

  • That first photo reminds me of the Royal Crescent in Bath, UK. Probably just a good shot by the Poppster, though.

  • I miss the community garden, and I always wonder how the people who live there feel about looking at the Giant garage. But . . . I think it’s nice compared to a lot of the infill in CH.

  • yeah, reminds me of london.

    except that the houses are made from tacky american crap.

  • tania: i think you’re mistaking this for the houses behind the columbia heights giant. this is down in adams morgan.

  • No idea what the situation is now, but I remember media reports when the folks first moved in that there were all sorts of problems with the development (water leaking and subsuequently mold)…..It’s always more than a bit odd when a nonprofit organization (The Meredian Center) develops property for-profit, as was the case here. I would have prefered the lot.

  • my 2% — I think if you build a house or building with a lot of windows you should be required by law to make that building energy efficient with solar panels.

  • Another hideous attempt to make new buildings look like old buildings, sort of. Very ugly.

  • Not bad in the pics. Would have to see it in person to really judge.

  • I think it is a great looking row of condos. I don’t think they’re made to look “old” at all. New construction can still be designed with a classic look, without being too pretentious. The architect really managed to use the site well, by having the building flow with the curve in the street, rather than conflict with it. There is only one garage entrance, which I think is acceptable. Also, there is a nicely concealed elevator on the street level which I presume leads to the underground garage. Well done in my opinion.

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