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DSCN5090, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

And a historical one to boot. I know there are maps where you can find where all these historical houses are but I kinda like just stumbling into them…


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  • they’ve been working on this renovation for about five years. finish the damn thing! and get the exercise equipment off your porch!

  • This is (developer) Brian Brown’s home. I am so glad he purchased the property and did the renovation.

    Here’s the history on Anna J Cooper written by Paul K. Williams.

  • I covet this house. Looks like a stellar restoration. I love it when your house of the day is a historic one, PoP!

  • it would be a stellar renovation except that he seems to have stopped working on it before finishing (i.e. fixing the fence – note the rebar) and has filled the porch with workout equipment and assorted junk. come on brian finish the job!!

  • My guess is that he’s focused on work-related projects. You know the old story of the cobbler’s children running around without shoes?

  • i realize the guy might be busy, but it sure would be a nice gesture to the neighborhood to maybe try to move forward on this a little bit. it’s been in neutral for so long now…

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