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  • Yep – I do. Quik Pita on Potomac Ave. across from Georgetown Cupcake. I spent many a late night in Quik Pita eating schwarma and rice pudding after a night of dancing and debauchery. For the record – I went out in other parts of the city – just so happens that the schwarma place was in Georgetown.

  • That would be Pita Plus in College Park. Kosher, too.


    In the region, Baltimore has a better selection in the shawarma department. I tried it at Lebanese Taverna and couldnt’ choke it down. Dry shoe leather.

  • isnt there a “shwarma king” set to open roughly two block from there on Columbia Rd?

  • Yeah, in New York…

  • Is there any place to get Doner Kabob? I was just reading a thread of people in different cities lamenting that it doesn’t exist in the US as it does in Europe. Is it a health code violation to have meat stacked on a stick like that, is that why? haha

  • Cafe Divan on Wisconsin between Glover Park and Georgetown has Doner. And I remember it being fairly solid, although I hadn’t had it in a long time, so I’m sure I hungry for it.


  • Quick Pita in Georgetown IS awesome — got me through grad school. 24-7 Cafe on U Street (at 14) is also pretty damn good. And they have a hot sauce I would buy bottles of if they sold it.

  • Does anybody really have high hopes for this place? Will it be anything more than another place for drunken folks with the munchies to stuff their faces at 3a.m. when the Adams Morgan bars shut down? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…..)

  • Max’s Deli in Wheaton has excellent schwarma, and is definitely kosher

  • Moby Dicks House of Kabob – Georgetown or Dupont locations.

  • Georgetown?! Don’t you know that’s totally-lame-and-for-tourists-and-popped-collar-douches?!

    (Kidding, I just think it’s funny that people here are embarrassed to let others think they might have enjoyed a night out in Georgetown….I mean, really, who gives a shit?)

  • SG: Schwarma and doner kebab are nearly the same thing. Doner kebab is the Turkish original; schawarma and gyro are the middle eastern/greek versions, respectively.

    The food became well-known in the west by way of Turkish immigrants to Germany in the 1960s and 1970s. It is now the top-selling fast food in Germany.

    Is there a decent kebab stand in downtown (CBD)? It would be great to be able to walk to a a kebab place for lunch. I know there is one on 18th St and L sts NW, but it sucks.

  • i’m with kay and eva. even when i moved to capitol hill, i kept going back to quik pita – BY CAB. just for the food. it is that good. and mind you, i’ve spent more time in the middle east than i care to believe. that place rocks, and i’ve tried all shawarma/kabob joints in the greater metro area, including the burbs of VA and MD.

    quik pita has great fries too…..

  • El Khartoum at the intersection of 18th, U and Florida is pretty fantastic.

  • Work continues on the shwarma king site – but at a very slooooooow pace. They were totally gutting the interior of the space.

    It’s about a block from my apartment, and I’m really hoping it is good, thought Quick Pita would be hard to beat.

    However, the coming soon sign disappeared in the last week or two – not sure if that was to make room for new lighting fixtures on the front, or what.

    Hopefully they’re still on track.

  • Cafe 8 near Eastern Market has doner. It’s big and tasty, but maybe I’m just unsophisticated, but it just tasted like a big honking pile of gyro meat. Still, hit the spot, and TONS better than those godawful “gyros” you get where it’s just a couple strips of shrinkwrapped grey bologna with flecks of something in them that might be feces. So many takeout places are dumping their gyro machines in favor of this junk. We need to get the Greek embassy involved, post haste. They’re murdering Greek cuisine!

  • A donner kebab place just opened in Georgetown next to Georgetown cupcake across from the old Fatoosh space. Addtionally they serve chicken shwarma at Cafe Nema on U Street.

  • I second El Khartoum. Also the ‘Tabouleh’ at Cafe Divan is the best Ive had.

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