Good Deal or Not? SE Condo Edition


This building at 243 15th Street, SE is called the Axis Condos.

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The Craig’s List ad says:

“Fabulous new construction– units are going to settlement now! Boutique building with only 20 units. Outdoor space in every unit and common rooftop deck. Garage parking available for purchase. Elevator in building. Unusually high ceilings.”

More info and photos can be found here.

Does $314,900 sound reasonable for a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom at this location? What do you think of the condo/building itself?

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  • Yeah, if you walk around there, it’s a great neighborhood. Quiet, great housing stock, lots of families, and close to Potomac Ave metro and new Harris Teeter (and as well as Trusty and Wisdom bars). If you have no problem being on the other side of the city, it’s a deal

  • price is reasonable for that area, but the history behind the construction has a lot of red flags. my brother lives a few blocks away and that project along with the other condo building across the street has been a source of contention in the neighborhood since they broke ground for a variety of reasons from the quality of contruction process to the lack of cohesion with the single-family rowhouses on that block. and there is persistent drug activity a few yards away in the playground down the block. with that said, the units look nice and its not that far of a walk to the metro, safeway, harris teeter, fragers, eastern market.

  • Yeah, Macy, the company that developed/built the lot, violated several permits and community mandates. And were fined only pennies for it, so they had no compunctions about violating more. I live in the neighborhood and we hate the whole thing.

  • i live two blocks away from there and i LOVE the neighborhood. tree-lined streets, ample parking, two blocks to the grocery store, four blocks to the metro and ANOTHER grocery store, lots of families, short walk to Eastern Market/Barracks Row. I am a young female and i feel perfectly safe walking around. i think this area is a real gem and definitely worth the investment

  • Development is spreading closer and closer to across to across the river on the PA Ave. side. Never thought I would see close to the Potomac Ave metro as a selling point…

  • Vonstallin

    i love it….

    But you couldn’t pay me to live over there….

    1 thumb up, 1 thunb down…..

  • Vonstallin, it appears you have just declared “thumb war” on yourself. Good luck.

  • vonstallin, you’re missing out. i think this is one of the best neighborhoods in dc. i find that most people with an aversion to southeast either haven’t been their for years or they’ve been to one of the much more distant parts of my fair quadrant.

  • *haven’t been there*

  • I just renovated and sold a house at 16th and E St SE right around the corner. This area is definitely a great place to live and should continue to appreciate. Houses are still affordable, and you’re close to Potomac Metro, Harris Teeter, Barracks Row and H St.

  • Vonstallin

    Anonymous Says:

    December 18th, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    Oh i love the area and the houses. My boy lives on 10th and Kentucky near the safe way. Pleasant and quiet area.

    I just have this proximity problem.
    I always find good deals on houses in the NE and SE regions, but I just can’t bring myself to live anywhere but North-by-North west. It’s something in my blood I guess, but anywhere west of Georgia Ave and North of Florida Ave. feels like home.

    When I was looking for a house back in 1993 I founds house in NE and SE in the $57,000 to $110,000 range. Detached with yards. I just couldn’t do it.

    It’s a feeling.

    When I visit my friends house on capital hill, I love the house and the hood, but I get this feeling like I’m just not home.

    I know, weird.

  • I think the price is pretty reasonable for the area (assuming at least minimally competent design and construction, etc.). I’d rather live where I do, close to Eastern Market and its much more developed commercial scene, but the Potomac Avenue Station area has become a genuinely attractive alternative with its combination of more commercial stuff than it had before (especially the Harris Teeter) and still relatively low prices for its excellent, sturdy 80-100 year old rowhouses.
    As for the building itself, I don’t really like it. I think a contemporary design on the same scale as the neighboring houses can work, or a harmonious retro design on a building much larger than its surroundings (there are examples of both within a few blocks); this large, contemporary building just clashes with its neighbors in every way. Of course, if you live there, when you’re at home that isn’t a problem, all you see is the cool old rowhouses across the street.

  • I considered a 1BR/D at Axis Condos before buying downtown instead. At the time they were offering 3% towards closing and 2 years free condo fees. Those were strong incentives.

    Some things were pretty cool about these places. The base package for the kitchens and bathrooms were definitely nicer and more stylish than many other condos. Caeserstone countertops present great alternative to the same ‘ole granite. Wood floors were real wood planks not what’s passing for wood in alot of condos. But practically zero closet space. Least closet space of anywhere I visited. It was very dark in the units with eastern exposure even during the day which I found too little depressing.

    The building only has 10 parking spots for 20 units. IIRC parking cost $25K. The immediate neighborhood seems to have fairly ample street parking so you could probably get by without owning a spot. But I have a soft top convertible and almost anywhere in DC it would not be a great idea to park it on the street every night.

  • I live a few blocks away and the fight over this turned me off of the project (luckily I own already). I didn’t expect much in the looks department and that bit of ho hum is about what I expected and compared to the neighborhood and it’s immediate neighbors it looks even worse. This is pretty much what you get with developers who know only a certain bit and are trying to make a quick buck (though not so quick in this case).

  • I think the developers cut a lot of corners to save money; you can’t tell from this photo, but the sides of the building are vinyl siding, something that was not depicted in the original renderings for the project. Additionally, the developer really pissed off the neighbors by cutting down a tree in front of the development (they were fined for it).

  • There was a huge stink in the neighborhood over this building, by the city’s hands were largely tied. At one time 15th St SE was zoned as a neighborhood commercial corridor, even though businesses were closing right and left. The land was still zoned C-2-A, however, which allows 4 stories and 50′ of building height for residential use in what otherwise appears to be a rowhouse block. For what I understand the latest revision of the Comprehensive Plan corrected this blunder, but it was too late for this building.

  • The condos are nice but extremely overpriced for the neighborhood. The sales crew there are also an odd bunch. I have found that they repeatedly try to convince prospective buyers that time is of the essence – a typical realtor ploy I suppose – but they also try to insinuate that more units have sold than is really the case. For instance, I placed a bid on a top floor unit for approximately 40k below the list price. The seller’s realtor came back with a rather measly counter and offered a hardly plausible explanation that they were having some “huge” open house that would be catered and attended by – no joke – hundreds of other buyers, so I had 48 hours to accept the bid. There was also some odd use of the term “priced to sell” as if that would convince me that the price was acceptable.

    Of course, I laughed and withdrew my bid. The unit is – 4 months after the fact – still on the market, and the developer has dropped the price below my original bid.

  • I like the neighborhood, its look nice and its only a short walk to the metro, Safeway, Harris Teeter and Eastern Market and Barracks Row. While its a residential neighborhood, the units are well designed and some of the most unique and modern that I have seen which I think will bode well for resale when the market rebounds. At least these are my thoughts as I get ready to ink a contract on one of these. If anyone has any additional insights please don’t hesitate to share. I look forward to meeting my new neighbors and working to make amends for what seems to be a controversial construction process.

  • “it looks nice and is…”

  • New Neighbor — do you still like living there? I’ve been thinking about buying one of these units? Any insight on positive or negative side?

  • For those who live there now – how is the developer? Are they keeping their promises and making repairs (are there a lot of problems??)

  • I am also looking to bid on one of the units. For people that live in the building or have heard… what are good and bad points of the building?

  • Mark S….wondering what happened with your experience in trying to purchase a penthouse unit? did you get one? if so, how is it , etc… thanks

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