Good Deal or Not? Probably Needs A Lot Of Work Edition


This home is located at 1221 T Street, NW.

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The flier says:

“Attached two story row house near desirable 13th & U St location. Existing upstairs layout is 3BR/1BA with plans available for new 2BR+Study/2BA layout. LR, full DR & kitchen downstairs. Front porch, entry hall, tall clgs, garage with alley access. Needs renovation but adjacent renovated house recently sold for just under $1M. U St/Cardozo Metro (green/yellow lines) & Starbucks nearby.”

More info and oddly a photo of the metro can be found here.

The description and the photo of the metro doesn’t instill a lot of confidence with the inside of the house but the location is pretty sweet. Given the fact that it will probably need some work does $645,000 sound reasonable?

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  • Perhaps the metro photo was to illustrate the “tall ceilings” they advertise 🙂

  • I live a block away and it is a great location. But really, the one place you mention in your advertisement is Starbucks, which is ubiquitous across the city? Really?

  • Vonstallin

    That looks about as plain jain as my plain jain row house. I don’t know why the split color trussel (?) on the right if bothering me.

  • The houses on this side of the street are tiny. The “adjacent” million dollar house is likely much, much larger and across the street and was one not afraid to show pictures of the interior in the listing.

  • 645k? and needs work?
    And who had 1M to spend on a U street address in the last month in this current economy?

    Me thinks no.

    But then again, i’m not a true DC’er – I think it should sell for 250.

  • It is a good location. My guess is it should be worth around 450 – 550. Nicely renovated it could go for 750 – 800. This very similar one, nicely redone, sold in that range on the 2200 block of 13th St. That was without a garage though.

  • I love how the house across the street sold for “just under $1M” … is that 999k, or is it, say, 890k? Given the admission that it needs renovation, which we could ballpark at $150k (the plans + the refusal to post interior pics certainly indicate a hefty pricetag, anyway), this is really an asking price of at least 800k out of pocket for a 1 bath, smallish house. Seems like fantasyland to me, even in a good location. Welcome back, 2005!

  • This is why I just bought a place in Petworth…twice the size, half the price and only 2 metro stops away from U street.

  • You can check recent sales on Redfin, and it shows that a house at 1217 T St just sold for $995,000, in Nov. 2008. I found a photo of this house online – same design/floorplan as this one. You can check photos of every address in the city on the DC Master Address Repository website – super useful, So I would say the price is probably fair. That area is super expensive.

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