Good Deal or Not? Missing Shutter Edition


This home is located at 783 Irving Street, NW.

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The flier says:

“Wouldn’t you like to own this cozy 2 level townhome in Columbia Heights?Close to everything, these units boast 1,400 sqft+ of new construction living space that teems w/ natural light. Designed for modern living w/ spacious interiors, backyard decks, & parking.”

More info and photos found here.

We once spoke about this house because it was odd that the shutters were missing from the left hand side. But other than that it turned out pretty good. What do you think of the home itself? It seems the house has been split into two units – “Now taking reservations on both Unit 1 & 2. Unit 1:$434,500/Unit 2:$449,500”. Do those prices sound reasonable?

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  • Is that entire house brand new construction? If so, imo, that’s fucking horrible. The whole thing. Ack!

  • Too awful for words… must be a retarded contractor.

  • I’ve been watching this thing since it was an empty lot. And while I prefer to see SOMETHING viable there besides the empty lot, I must say; every time more work is done on it, it looks worse. The bad fake-brick-via-template thing was bad enough. …

    So, kudos for the effort and investment on the block, but blecch. This place has become a classic bitchslapping war between THEORY and PRACTICE.

    And THEORY is coughin’ up blood at this point.

  • That seems really, really steep. The units may be rather spacious but it’s still a condo, and they haven’t indicated what the condo fees are. Also, I see vinyl siding, which I guess is not surprising considering it’s a new building, and brick is quite expensive.

    You can buy a complete rowhouse within 3-4 blocks for less than the price of one of these units.

  • aaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. oh man. thats RICH. ahahaha. two fugly ass condos. Block from the ghetto. oh man. that is toooooooo much

  • common sense suggestions for the developers who must be in a little over their head or out of their league to build something this ugly. first. at this price. hard woods throughout. not the contractor special tan carpet you have put in the bedrooms. next. as to not play up your shoddy work. take all the shutters off. better to have no shutters at all then to showcase to the would-be-buyers that you dont have enough foresight to leave enough room for shutters. that says to me. what else did these guys half ass? then. paint the hideous suburban looking brick. also paint the lattece fence and plant something in the front.

  • My guess is it will be in foreclosure pretty soon.

  • I would not want to have to move a couch into that building. Or even a mattress.

  • I walk by this thing every day on the way to work. It’s not done yet, they’re still working on it. Probably won’t be done for quite some time, interesting that they decided to put it on the market so early.

  • Let’s hope they add another 12-18 inches onto the left side of the building so they can hang the rest of the shutters…

  • I’ve been watching the construction of this monstrosity since it was only a vacant lot. I’m no contractor, architect or engineer but it was very frightening to see what the crew was up to. I serioulsy doubt that the structure will be standing for a while. What’s even more frightening is the fact that the city signed off on all the permits!!!

  • One must also imagine, that those windows don’t have casing on one side on the inside.

    Apparently someone built this without a clue, much less a plan. I wouldn’t set foot in something with such a blatant, fundamental mistake. It’s probably the tip of the iceberg.

  • I had thought all along it was to be a 4-unit apt. building. That would pay the note on it, and I couldn’t imagine anyone paying to BUY the ugly thing in its ugly location right next to the “IRVING” apartments. Jamie, the interior pictures reveal the windows obviously not centered properly, and once curtains are on, the error will be glaring.

  • i wouldn’t trust that building. no integrity.

  • The missing shutters and off-center windows really just show how little thought and consideration went into this project. And after looking at the pics of the interior I am left speechless. I’m not sure this is a “deal” at ANY price. This property will be vacant for quite some time. And God help whoever gets suckered into buying a unit there. If the cosmetic features are that bad I can only imagine how shoddy the structural elements must be.

  • Way, way, way too expensive for that cheap ass construction. What they hell are they thinking?

    If they want to do one thing to make that more appealing. Take down all the shutters on the front. Not only do they not add anything but having the two with only the one shutter apiece would make one question if they architect/builder knew what they were doing (i.e. what other weird-ass shit is going on past the front door).

  • Eventually this will go into foreclosure and someone will buy this dirt cheap and make it section 8. Section 8 is good money when you’re in a bad economy.

  • Wow. No measuring tape = Epic Fail.

  • astonishingly bad. i am speechless. it’s like they bought blueprints off another project, measured the lot and said “aw, just cut 26 inches off the east side of the plans. then it will fit the plot.” and those rear staircases are not to code–there are not enough supports or anu anti-sway crossmembers. unless someone got paid off, they can’t get a certificate of occupancy.

  • There it is, the reason someone should have paid attention in junior high math class!

  • And what you can’t quite tell from the picture = that’s NOT brick siding…it was put on via a template and plaster-like stuff. And the grey part at the bottom? I think that’s just plain bald concrete.

    This is truly one of the fugliest houses I’ve ever seen, and I wouldn’t buy a condo there if someone paid me!!

  • Wow…that is absolutely craptastic.

  • Craptastic or not, on Sunday there was a real estate agent with what looked like a young woman and her mother checking out the place as potential buyers (or so it appeared).

    They spent a good couple of hours looking it over, checking out the neighborhood, going in and out of the alley, looking at all the neighbor’s houses, etc. Probably 2-3 hours, so I’m assuming they were serious.

    Interesting no?

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