Good Deal or Not? I’ve Always Wondered What They Look Like On The Inside Edition


This home is located at 2011 13th St, NW:

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The flier says:


More info and a virtual tour here.

I’ve probably walked by this home a thousand times and I’ve always been curious what it looks like on the inside. So if there are others like me be sure to check out the virtual tour. It’s also a phenomenal location. I wonder if it’ll possibly go for the asking price of $975,000?

It also has a sweet vestibule:


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  • absolutely beautiful on the inside but i don’t see how that’s worth 975K.

  • in that location, i’m shocked the price is that low for an intact rowhouse. good deal IMO.

  • Good deal. Didn’t see any fireplaces, which is odd, but all in all it looks lovely!

  • Vonstallin

    For me (…For Me….)
    If im spending close to a million dollars, I would rather move into something detached near Wiscon Ave.

    But for U street I guess its a fair price. Mainly because of the inlaw rental down stairs.

  • With a little detective work, only time will tell whether it is a good deal or not.

  • I’d say $700k….That kitchen is poorly laid out. And it looks like the master closet might make one of the other bedrooms too small?

  • No idea if it is a good idea but i want it! :drool

  • absolutely gorgeous! i love the stairwell. I also have no clue if its a good deal, but it certainly is beautiful!

  • I never understand when people say a kitchen is poorly laid out. I understand putting an oven next to a refrigerator is not a good idea and having the sink near the dishwasher is good. But this kitchen seems fine. What’s wrong with it?

  • For me the kitchen’s lay out is more about aesthetics than functionality. This one looks like a waste of space. I think the mismatched colors and weird sizing of the cabinetry adds to that effect. The whole space lacks unification as the counter-tops, floors, walls, and appliances don’t work with each other or the cabinets. Overall it’s ugly and inefficient.

  • I see what you are saying about the layout, but I would kill for that kitchen.

  • Picture #9 gives, imo, the best angle as to why this very beautiful home has a poorly designed kitchen. The wall cabinets are oddly sized, and there’s a lot of blank wall around that farmhouse sink. A cook would mostly likely be working on the counter between the sink and the stove, so that you have quick access to water, and that’s exactly where there’s the least amount of counter space, and relatively little bottom cabinet space.

    Instead, there’s a gigantic expanse of space to the right of the stove, but you really wouldn’t be using that area to prepare food in the kitchen’s current configuration. You’d be more likely to keep your pots and pans in those floor cabinets to the right of the stove because that’s where the storage is, but then you have to walk past the stove to fill them with water, then back to the stove to cook.

    The dishwasher, which you can see in picture #10, is kinda hanging out there, far away from where you’d actually be putting dishes after they’re clean. The cabinets on top of the microwave are pretty much useless. And, could there really be only one wall plug in that whole kitchen (between the sink and the stove?) People use a lot of kitchen appliances these days.

    That’s the kind of thing I was looking at when I saw the pictures. I don’t know if the kitchen means that $200k should come off the price. But know when I saw it I thought, hmm, that’s a little wacky. It’s not a horrible kitchen, it’s just inefficient.

  • Also, it looks like opening the pantry would block the back door in the kitchen. But that may be unavoidable.

  • in brasil, kitchens are laid out like that. they’re old school and elegant.

    trust americans to want to pack in cabinets so they can store more FOOD.

    yeah, definitely not a house for an obese person.

    that place is priced right for someone with a keen sense of old world/global style.

    and THOSE are the folks with the $$ that will buy it.

    sorry plebes.

  • I wouldn’t salivate over this piece of real estate or other property, especially if I don’t think the timing is right, but thisis not specific to this house but in general.

  • Wow, poo poo, you are weird.

  • Thanks, poo poo for your Brazilian (I spelled it the English way) insights. And yes, cabinet space for food holds canned or packaged food. In France, I remember the kitchens didn’t have a lot of cabinets as people shopped daily for fresh food. Plus, they had such little refrigerators by American standards.
    Anyway, way off topic: the house is overpriced for today’s market and is still on a busy thoroughfare. But those Shaw, is this Shaw? houses tend to be fabulous. Let’s see if it sells.

  • Love those vestibules with the traditional greenish tiling half way up the wall. Wish I had one.

  • Not sure if you’re talking to me about being weird, I made my point.
    Lower your sights to what you really need, by being practical and don’t spend on what is not necessary…when the budget permits upgrade by all means…enjoy!

  • I said “poo poo,” so I was referring to the person who posted right before you, who uses that as his user name. Merry Christmas!

  • fair enough, Merry Christmas!

  • I may be in the minority, but I think bathrooms in or adjacent to the kitchen/eating area are kinda nasty…

  • it’s a nice house. i used to live in the house to the right while the couple that lived there was doing the renovations (with their parents in town helping out). they spent a lot of time digging out that basement themselves.

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