Good Deal or Not? “Folk Victorian” Edition


This house is located at 1806 Monroe Street, NW

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The flier says:

“This light filled 3 level Folk Victorian nestled in historic Mt. Pleasant offers an expansive kitchen with dual fuel Thermador range w/ center grill, stainless steel appl. , grand dining room for entertaining, high ceilings, orig. hardwood floor, two fireplaces w/ orig. marble surround, sauna, basement efficiency, lots of original details and so much more. Filled with charm this one is a Must See!”

More info and photos found here.

I’m curious to know what you think of the house itself – both the inside and outside. What exactly is a “folk victorian” anyway?

I probably could of made this a house porn edition as it’s going for $1,250,000. Think that’s reasonable?

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  • id like to see the yard. looks like its on a big lot. also once again. for 1.25 mil. lets get some paint on the outside trim…

  • I haven’t seen that house in person, but I think the price is way higher than what would be reasonable. First, the outside of the house looks like it’s in bad condition – peeling paint and absolutely no landscaping. A lot of potential buyers will see the formstone exterior as a big minus. Also, there aren’t very many pictures made available and I suspect that’s because only the rooms shown are in good shape. Assuming that this house is a major fixer upper, I think $650-700K would be more realistic–and only that high because this is a standalone house and much larger than other houses in the neighborhood. If it were in pristine shape, which it clearly isn’t, I would say up to $900-950K.

    I’m not sure what “folk victorian” is meant to indicate, I assume it means an old house that was added onto and modified by many amateurs over the year. Not a good thing!

  • Based on the GDON statistical history, I am going to say not a good deal.

  • Doesn’t the phrase “filled with charm” (more often than not) seem to indicate that the place is in need of some updating? When I was house-hunting it seemed like all the ‘charming’ homes were the ones that needed entirely new bathrooms or kitchens or flooring.

    But yeah, for $1.25m I would expect turnkey ready, especially in MtP.

  • yeah, it’s way too high–800 or 900, tops. But you could easily subtract off a thousand a month from the mortgage payment if you rented the basement efficiency.

    and it has a SAUNA. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in a DC listing (though I don’t generally look too carefully at the 1m+ listings!)

  • That part of Mount Pleasant has been crazy overpriced for a long time. Definitely not worth that price. Lots of quality housing stock around there, though.

  • Huge land parcel — you can see that the home at the corner of Park and 18th (the “tumor”) was added onto and made into condos; there is lots of value in the land

  • Vonstallin

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  • townhouses in that section of MtP have sold for as high as $1.2 million during the boom. There’s a better house around the corner going for $3.5 million.

    Honestly there’s no way that house tops $1 million without a carriage house.

    It’s the better end of Mt Pleasant with lots of trees on a good yard, but still at least $150k overpriced in this market if not $200k. The proof will be in how long it sits on the market.

  • Looks like it sold in 2003 for a bit over 500,000…think it is probably worth 900-1 million, especially considering a house with only 3 br and 3 ba sold in May for similar price (although that was move in ready) Wonder how much work was done on the interior since the last sale.

  • If I had that kind of money to spend I would want more curb appeal than this offers.

  • A lot of folks are way off on this one. Look at the size of that lot. It’s at least three times the size of nearby townhomes. And judging from the pictures of the main floor (and from the fact that the owners bothered to put in a sauna), I’m guessing the rest of the house is not in shambles. A townhouse in nearby Park Rd recently sold for 725K and it is about half the size and needs a complete gut job. They will get at least $1 million for it.

  • …and probably a good bit more.

  • “folk victorian” = faux victorian? Just wondering

  • While I wouldn’t call that block of Monroe an open-air drug market, the crew that runs it does so openly and gunshots are not uncommon. If I had $1 million + to spend on housing, I’d be looking at any other street in Mt. Pleasant. 18th & Monroe is notorious–and it seems that no amount of neighbors bringing it to the MPD’s attention is doing anything to close down the dealers stranglehold on an otherwise lovely block.

  • contemptuous lack of landscaping and improvements to the exterior. I’ll pass on principle alone

  • open air drug market? really? I live right near there and am totally ignorant to this.

  • The drug house is pretty much right across the street from that house… maybe 3 or 4 houses East. If you live there and haven’t seen what’s going on, no offense, but you must be blind. I just checked the google street-view half expecting to see the drug boys in the image.

  • thats one sweet drug house. they must be raking it in.

  • if business stays strong maybe they will move their drug house from the mean streets of mount pleasant to the mean streets of woodley park.

  • I live on that block. Way over-priced. It has been on the market for quite some time. It was for sale by owner for almost a year before they hired a realtor. It has been unoccupied for at least 6 months.

    There is a very active open air drug market that operates out of 18xx Monroe. The 18 Money-roe crew sell drugs with impunity on Monroe, 18th and at the playground of Bancroft Elementary. They are somehow hooked up with the charming crew from 17th and Euclid. Most neighbors are well aware of the situation.

  • Monroe Street resident, you got brass ones putting the address out there. And to know that they’re doing it on the playground of Bancroft!!! A few years ago, my kid played on that playground (no, he didn’t go to Bancroft, but still).

  • A group of residents have been working diligently to shut them down. The police provide very little support so we do what we can. They don’t even paper these turkeys when they catch them red or shall I say white handed. When it was pointed out to the Principal and Vice Principal at Bancroft that this was going on they chose to turn a blind eye to it by saying that there was little that they could do. Parents (English speaking and non-English speaking) bring it up at PTA meetings. It is that obvious. Lots of little kids who go to Bancroft or live in the neighborhood play on that playground. Drug Free School zone my a#$.

  • POP, why don’t you change this section to “why does this house suck” it would be a little more honest. I am not the closest reader but do you ever get a “yes its worth it” post?

  • They only show pics of the main floor rooms and the outside looks like crap. I don’t think that price flies in MtP these days, but I would expect perfection – and not fear of showing bathrooms, bedrooms, etc in the pics. I agree with one of the first post-ers – get trim painted (or for that price, replacement windows.

  • you can’t really get replacement windows in Mount Pleasant, it’s against the historical designation.

  • Neener, Mt. P windows must be made of wood & exact replicas of the originals on all *street facing* facades. The rest can be vinyl, clay, lego, what have you. We had our windows done (and blessed by the historic boad) last year. Made a HUGE difference.

  • So when this house sold in 2003 for a little over $500K it was just a shell and had been unoccupied for at least five years, probably more. It was trashed and the yard was so full of junk it took three huge dumpsters to clear it out. It cost the family who bought it a fortune to clean up all the junk and start from scratch inside. And the work was done by about three or four different general contractors, because as far as I could tell from my nosey neighbor view, the workers spent most of their days napping on the porch. Anyway, still over priced in this market, but a nice house with good bones. I lived several doors down for many years and had no problems with the crew running the block. But yes, there is illegal activity going on there. The Monroe crew has run the block for 30-plus years, with deep roots in the community. I wouldn’t recommend buying this house if you can’t make peace with the old school neighbors.

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