Good Deal or Not? Converted Condos Edition


This condo conversion is located at 1309 Fairmont Street, NW.

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The flier for unit A says:

“Custom Renovation complete! 2 level condo in an all brick Victorian townhouse . An architectural delight w/ all new windows, custom millwork, no detail overlooked! Brand new kitchen w/ cherry cabinetry, granite counters, Bosch stainless appliances; bathrooms with granite countertops; recessed lighting throughout; exposed brick wall; deck in back; offstreet parking available; 2 blocks to Metro.”

More info and virtual tour found here.

The flier for Unit B says the same thing as Unit A. But you can find more info and a virtual tour of Unit B here.

Unit A is going for $649,000 and Unit B is going for $729,000 (a 20k price reduction for B). They are both 3 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms. Do these prices sound right? After looking at the virtual tour – how do you think the conversion turned out?

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  • It’s lovely, but too pricey (I’m guessing the 10 cents a month condo fees are a type)
    I’d rather buy a house for much cheaper and put in my own renovations and still come out ahead price-wise.

  • I think it’s too pricey, too. $650k for bedrooms/living space in a basement is a bit much for me to handle. You could definitely get an entire home in other neighborhoods for that price!

  • who ARE these people that spend this much for half a house in the ghetto. who ARE YOU. how long before people start doing high end condo conversion flips in anacostia? 729k 2 blocks from howard. sheesh. hell no. But I scoffed at one up the street from me in Adams morgan that was listed at 869 and it seems to have sold although I dont know what for. who ARE you people.

  • I live on that block and four new condos on the block (all two stories, very similar to these described above) with parking and decks all just sold for between 700,000 (the ground level) and 800,000 for upper levels. I was shocked they sold. the block still has problems and one end is nothing but section 8 housing so the “comps” may be hard to figure out. But having just watched these other units sell out in 8 months, I guess anything is possible. I say welcome to the neighborhood, it certainly won’t hurt my condo value (and I paid less than 200,000 four years ago!).

  • Ugh, who the hell would spend that much money to live there? I was 1 block north of there on business just the other day and had someone selling crack right in front of my car at 10:30 in the morning. 600k+ for a condo should entitle you to a crack free environment for at least a 3 block radius.

  • Call me crazy, but I too live on that block and I’m quite happy. I’m with Anon 1:52: Welcome to the neighborhood.

  • I love that it says “2 blocks to metro” when a quick look at that map puts it 5 blocks. Not a massive difference, but you might wonder what else they’re outright lying about.

  • And I guess I should just say, to each his own. I paid $300 for an entire house the same distance from the metro towards Georgia (albeit a 2 bed 1.5 bath, so smaller) and cannot fathom paying that much money and still having to deal with an upstairs neighbor. But the renovation looks nice, so, hey, go for it if you got it.

  • i live near there too. I also say welcome to the neighborhood “WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD, maybe you would like to buy my house for a couple million?”

  • “Custom Renovation complete!” “An architectural delight”

    yet it looks like almost all the other “Good Deals or Not”s

    maybe I am just cranky from turkey withdrawal…

  • Even though I wouldn’t pay that much money for a condo, I envy people (including those who posted) who were able to buy something a few years ago when the prices were reasonable. Unfortunately, I was still hopping around to different places every few months while I was doing a graduate degree – I wish I was in the position to buy back then but I wasn’t in one place long enough and did not know where I would land a job. So, good for those of you that got a condo for $200,000 back then – but please don’t beat up on those of us who are coming into this a little later and want to live in safe(r), accessible, interesting and enjoyable neighbourhoods and spaces – it is hard enough as it is.

  • I was 1 block north of there on business just the other day and had someone selling crack right in front of my car at 10:30 in the morning. ”
    That must be some hard working enterprising crack dealer. I can’t find the weedman before noon when I need him.

  • Crazy price. Half underground, totally generic renovation and not all that attractive to boot, the price doesn’t even include parking, and hardly the best location in C.H. Include parking and drop 50k, then maybe they are in the ballpark.

  • Crazy price for that neighborhood and those cheap windows and hollow-core doors…. Of course I like the cheaper B unit better…

    One nickpick (other than the price) what’s with the teeny tiny (and useless) cabinet above the fridge with the big huge space as well. I know those cabinets came from the Big Box store of your chose but couldn’t they have gotten a slightly large size that was useful and less stupid looking?

  • Keep dreaming. We’re in a recession bitches.

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