Good Deal or Not?


This home is located at 1307 T Street, NW.

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The flier says:

“Spacious, two level, unique loft-style duplex. Bright southern exposure, 2BRSs (incl MBS with fireplace). Open granite, SS KI, soaring ceilings, oversized windows, hardwood floors lux BAs and exposed brick all leading to private deck, off-street gated parking.”

You can find more info and a virtual tour here.

We once spoke about this home a while back because I was intrigued with the row of small windows above the door.

Do you think there is any chance this 2 bedroom 2 bathroom will get the asking price of $729,000? More importantly what do you think of the house itself?

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  • it’s a good location, but I can’t imagine anyone paying that much for it.

    Things I liked: the amount of counterspace in the kitchen, the built-ins in the second bedroom, the exposed brick in the dining area, the windows in the living room.

    Things I didn’t like: that you have to go downstairs to the bedroom, that the master bedroom was carpeted and didn’t really have a door to it, that it looks like the only access to the back is from the “2nd bedroom” (really a den in a lot of ways), and that they had heavy security bars on the windows in the 2nd bedroom but the door was just a solid, unprotected sheet of glass. Um, if you’re that worried about burglars, don’t you think they might come in that way?

  • For $500k, I’ll take it! Not that it won’t sell at the current price, I just wouldn’t spend that in the current market. But the location and natural light are nice.

  • When I was looking for place last year, I noticed that on a lot of these 3 or 4 level buildings that were divided into condos, a number only had access to the parking through one of the bedrooms. That was a showstopper for me.

    Anonymous, I would guess the glass in the door is shatter proof and won’t actually break without a tremendous amount of effort. taht being said, it certainly is a target for someone to attempt to break.

    The size (though from the pictures I had a hard time seing 1500 sqft, maybe better pictures) and location are good, but I just can’t see that much money being spent on it. I’ll bet it sells for closer to 600,000

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