Former Neat Neighborhood Find, Dragonfly, Closes Store on Church Street


I was sad to see Dragonfly located 1457 Church St, NW no longer in business. It was a super cool shop. Damn economy. Have you noticed any other stores that you really liked go out of business?

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  • the store next to it went bust also….

  • bad location, they should have known what they were up against.

  • on second thought, maybe that’s too harsh. they probably knew what they were up against, considered their potential risk and reward, and made a decision to roll with it. i’m sorry they went out of business, but still believe that it’s an issue of location and critical mass.

  • I freaking loved Sparky’s (Sparkies? Not positive…) on 14th between R and S streets. It’s now Cork, which I’ve never been to but can’t imagine loving as much as I loved its predecessor. Atmosphere was great, the coffee was great, the sugar free frozen skim vanilla chais were out of this world, and political cartoons donned almost every free surface. I went there all the time, and then they had to go and close and DC has never been quite the same for me ever since…

  • Er, granted Sparky’s closed a long time ago. Wasn’t really because of the recent downward swing.

  • As there is an empty lot next to it, and the store on the other side of that lot went out of business at the same time, and both had signs indicating that their leases were ending, I am guessing it didn’t go out of business due to the economy but rather someone bought the land and has some sort of development plans.

  • I jut now noticed the sign indicating the space is for lease. Let me amend my previous email, I think a landowner is a little optimistic about how much money they can lease that space for. I find it odd two stores would go out of business at the exact same time right next to each other.

  • That SUCKS! Dragonfly was such a nice shop. The stock was generally lovely, as was the service, and not ridiculously expensive. In contrast to, say, Carling-Nichols in Gtown, which is expensive and NEVER OPEN ANYWAY. Hmph.

    From the website, it seems like the owner’s taken Dragonfly web-only, though I think she might open her warehouse out in *somewhere* occasionally. I am hella bummed I missed their moving sale. Dammit.

  • cinnabon and carvel at 14th and Park. I guess the Mayorga too? I think they were open less than a year.

  • Dragonfly moved to their larger warehouse in Arlington(?), and Eco-Green Living (formerly next door) moved to a larger space on Blair Road south of Takoma Metro. The rents were pretty high and yes, the land-owner is looking to develop.

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