Finally An Explanation To One of the Coolest Sculptures in DC


A long time ago I posted this sculpture located on Georgia Ave just north of Upshur but there was no plaque at the time. I finally spotted the (new?) plaque. Sadly it has already been defaced but I’m super glad to know a little bit more about this amazing sculpture.


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  • Thanks, PoP! I see this sculpture every day and have often wondered about it.

  • Very cool there’s a sculpture dedicated to Robeson, even if it doesn’t look anything like him.

  • I too go by that sculture frequently and have been too lazy to stop, park my car and go look at what the plaque says.

  • there is a similar-looking sculpture on 16th and Arkansas nw. at first I thought this sculture was that one. any relation?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yup. Same artist. There are a number of them around town. I’ve posted photos of them but they may be hard to find…

  • Allison needs a whoopin’

  • Actually, the plaque has been there for quite awhile. When the artist installed the sculpture in 2000, there was a community organized groundbreaking ceremony for the event. The sculpture adds beauty and distinction to the Georgia/Kansas intersection, doesn’t it?

  • I would walk by this amazing sculpture on the way to Mass, what I read it is based on an African village legend, fitting well as a tribute to Paul Robeson whose work is portrayed onstage by Dick Gregory.
    The location could not been better, the homes in the background, as the Victorians across Kansas Avenue there, and the ones on Varnum lend themselves to a village atmosphere with the sculpture as a centerpiece.
    This sculpture fits in well at that location.

  • Uzikee lives across the street from our buliding between 14th and 15th on Belmont St. He has a few different sculptures in front of the homes on this street, and one around the corner on 15th Street at the community center. If you like this sculpture, you would probably enjoy his others as well.

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