Festivus Celebrated In Adams Morgan!


Thanks a million to a reader for giving me the heads up on this. This is perhaps one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. It is located at the corner of 18th and Columbia. Of course, those who are fans of Seinfeld will appreciate this set up right away. For those that are not familiar you can read about it here. One of the most popular features of Festivus is the airing of grievances. Here at PoP we apparently celebrate Festivus twice a week with our own airing of grievances with the Random Reader Rants/Revels. In Adams Morgan there are note pads where people write their grievances. It is brilliant!


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  • Um, this is awesome. Apparently they threw a Festivus party at my group house the Winter before I moved in. I feel as though we should reintroduce this tradition…

  • I can’t wait until the “Feats of Strength.”

  • Yes, I want to see some wrestling!

  • I thought it was hilarious until I started reading the grievances. There are such depressing ones there – lost my job, can’t pay the bills, etc. I just wanted to cry afterwards. Kinda lost the Seinfeld hilarity.

  • “Feats of Stupidity” occur every Fri and Sat night around 2:30 am

  • I agree, I think with the state of the economy, feats of strength, airing of grievances, and a aluminum poll speak more to me than Christmas carols, a tree with presents underneath it, and a big meal.

  • Vonstallin

    Festivus for the Rest of Us !!!!!!
    Im going up to post one this weekend.

  • u street girl, i completely disagree with you.
    if anything, during these trying times is when to rediscover what Christmas is really about. Regardless of whether you are religious or not, isn’t this the time to try and give of yourself more than you ask for? Showing our better selves and working to better humanity any little way we can.
    It’s just as with so many other things we discuss on PoP. You can either just complain, or you can figure out how to make things a little better for yourself and those around you.

  • Thanks PoP for mentioning our Festivus kiosk and pole. It is a joint project sponsored by the Adams Morgan Partnership Business Improvement District (BID) and the Adams Morgan Main Street Group. It will be up until December 21 and there will be vocal airing of grievances at noon on the 20th and 21st along with a demonstration of feats of strength. Ya’ll come!

  • Future PoP Attorney, lighten up. Can’t you take a joke? I’m sorry my innocent post offended you so.

  • Finally! I am sick and tired of people who do nothing nice all year and expect me to be nice to them. Go to …

  • Get the pole out of the crawlspace!

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