Door of the Day

DSCN5087, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Sweet door(s) but if I was a deliveryman I’d be pretty pissed about figuring out those roman numerals.

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  • Dangit. Before I clicked through, I was thinking “is it 112? Or 62?” At least one of my guesses was right.

  • or you can just look at the numbers to the right or left

  • it doesn’t stand for “sexy 2?”

  • It is fabulous! You should see the inside…the door is dull compared to the rest. Wish they got the Christmas version. Love the mailbox too!

  • Hey thanks for leaving the entire street address for ALL the world to see…Not the safest thing to do….. Hopefully not many people read this blog.

  • anon: what the hell are you talking about? first of all, thousands of people read this blog. secondly, this is a door, on the outside of a house. what in the hell harm can come from a picture of it being on the internet. you sound like the homeland security nuts who think we shouldn’t be allowed to take pictures of union station because somehow, someway, terrorists (oh noes!) would do it some harm because of simple pictures on a website. get over it.

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