Documenting Old School Signs Before They Vanish Forever


I love this one located on S Street just east of 14th Street. It’s not clear if the restaurant is getting renovated and will remain with the same owner or if it will be an entirely new business. (This is the building located right next to the Garden District.)

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  • They closed a while back and I believe a martini bar called Wisdom tried to open in it’s place but ran into a lot of neighborhood oposition. Wisdom subsequently opened next to Trustees at Potomoac Ave instead.

  • There are some great old signs all along 14th St. I think the photographs would make a fun coffee table book. Don’t steal my idea, though. =)

  • A double murder occurred during a robbery at this little restaurant six, eight, ten years ago. I don’t remember how long ago exactly. Doubly sad is that the murderer/robber was never arrested for the crimes. That’s my memory.

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