Dear PoP – What’s Going on In North Country

“I am new to the area and was wondering if you’ve heard of any future developments in the upper georgia avenue/brightwood area. so far, its a pretty decent neighborhood (with its minor “activity”, but could be much better with the right services – say restaurants/bars and retail. i’m thinking that a really good coffee/breakfast spot could help.your thoughts?”

You’re in luck as there is an ANC meeting Wed. night discussing some new development in North Country. (Also be sure to check out Brightwood Bistro.)

From a reader:

This meeting is very important for the Future of “North Country” so it would be great if you could announce it on PoP. Thanks!

When: Wed, December 17, 7pm – 9pmWhere: Takoma Rec Center, 300 Van Buren Street, NW (map)

Description: ANC 4B will hold a special public meeting on Wednesday, December 17, at 7 pm, at Takoma Rec Center, 300 Van Buren Street, NW. The agenda includes recommendation votes on the Sheridan Theater, Sabor Restaurant (both near Georgia and Sheridan), and the Curtis Chevrolet site (Georgia and Missouri).

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  • Much afoot in North Country (if that’s what we want to call it). Brightwood Bistro is indeed fantabulous, not cheap but fantabulous, and the last three times I’ve been in there there’s actually a good sized crowd and hopefully they’ll do enough business to stay afloat. The other thing that excites my belly is that I think there’s a Julias Empanadas coming to the corner of Georgia and Sheridan, which is fantastic. Not sure that falls within your North Country definition but there you are. Re: the Sheridan Theater, that is an amusing way to refer to what is currently a dollar store. I’d love to see it renovated and some other businesses brought in, not sure that is possible in the current economic crappola but hopefully. The Curtis Chevrolet complex is also due to be dug up and developed into condos and retail, though its been stalled for a while due to discussion regarding the preservation of historical trolley barn on the site. The danger is of course that this discussion went on long enough to scuttle the project for the foreseeable future as financing dried up. I will say that between the Julias and the renovation of a long abandoned nice house on my block, the economic downturn has been quite good to my area. Fingers crossed!

    Also, I live towards what’s referred to as Manor Park, and I must say that we are blessed with relatively little violent crime in that area. I commute down Georgia Ave and thus get my fair share of excitement, but we haven’t had a murder or such in many years in the blocks I consider “my area”, and we had one spat of gun robberies last year which thankfully ended with an arrest. We do of course have our share of violent and angry (cowardly) boys and men, but luckily no open gun play. My heart goes out to others as I read the posts regarding crime here, and I am grateful.

    Thanks for the attention PoP!

  • For those in North Country, there was a nice plug in the Food Section of the WP today about Good to Go: Andrene’s Caribbean & Soul Food Carryout restaurant on Kennedy St NW.

  • Is Kennedy North Country, I thought that’d still be Petworth. Or maybe a realtor told me that 😉

  • i think – and please correct me if i’m wrong – “north country” is north petworth. kennedy is the northern boundary of petworth, so yes, it’s both petworth AND north country. i don’t know where petworth proper turns into north-country-petworth, though… maybe delafield?

  • I kind of take from comments on this site that “north country” refers to parts of Petworth and Brightwood north of the area concentrated around the Petworth/Georgia Ave. Where the boundary is, I’m not so sure, but if you’re more than a 10-15 minute walk from the metro it prob qualifies as the north country.

    Of course to my friends in Shaw/Dupont/Logan anywhere near PW or even CH for that matter is the north country. They couldn’t believe it’s still 2 miles north of me to the MD line – to them I may as well live in Upper Marlboro.

  • Ah, so my stomping grounds are wayyyy too far north. Apologies. Still very nice up where I am, though I crave new eateries (sans bullet proof glass) and somewhere to pop in for a cup of coffee. On the flip side, violence is low and I have all the liquor stores I could ever want. And if I ever get into heroin, badda bing….

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