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  • Damn those dudes are ripped. I guess that’s what you call a “chiseled” physique.

  • It is timely to see the photograph of a monument to organized labor (I especially liked the shot of the AFofL logo – great even lighting & excellent detail). Since the advent of the Age of Reagan, labor itself and the ways the labor organizes specifically, have been on a national hit list From the day that Ronald Reagan gratuitously fired air-traffic-controllers while organized labor failed to call a national strike, the ugly injustices of the subsequent 27 years have been fixed in bronze as surely as this statue. Let us hope that two good things will emerge from this dark period for labor (and for pay equity in general). Let us hope that organized labor again becomes a respected force in our capitalist economy; let us also hope that the leaders of organized labor rise to their responsibilities. Thank you for attracting attention to this monument and to the movement that Inspired it. Old Sam Gompers could use more visitors who aren’t pigeons.

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