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  • Vonstallin

    You have to get a night shot up next to it…

  • Unfortunately (to some extend) there actually brand new retro-style signs popping (!) up all over 14th St North of the Tivoli as part of the small business campaign. I am mean its nice to have the facades cleaned and all, but some of the signs are just over the top cutesy retro… 😀 You know, Old Town Alendria almost.. I know… eww…

  • This landmark has come a long way form a long period of abandonment, as i remember on the coldest days men would light fires in a barrel on the sidewalk there to keep warm, before the riots it was a segregated theater under Jim Crow laws… I long suspected renovating this building, The Southern Aid Building might be the key to restoring the nearby Howard Theater.

  • I don’t think that sign’s going anywhere-I believe that is now a boutique apartment building.

  • All I’m thinking of is Dances with Wolves,,,

  • yeah, that’s a refurbished sign. jim graham was the one who flipped the switch to turn it back on a couple winters ago. not going anywhere anytime soon.

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