Capturing Sweet City Signs Before They Vanish Forever (Reader Recommendation)


Georgia Ave really has a wealth of amazing city signs. Sadly, I believe Goins is no longer open. Did anyone ever have the opportunity to eat there?

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  • About a year ago, I saw someone doing some work there and asked if they were reopening soon. She said something to the effect of “I hope so,” but it’s still closed.

  • Goins, Goin, Gone!

  • Any relation to the Goins who writes music columns for the City Paper? It’s an unusual surname. Just a thought.

  • Many weekends after Mass, I would walk over there, loved their Salisbury steak dinners, or Salmon Cake dinners, had almost everything, from North Carolina Pork Barbecue, yes, chitlins, soup, and would also eat cornbread, washed it down with tea…they NEVER served alcohol, with sweet potato pie, in the mornings pancakes were always served with HOT coffee.
    Mrs Goin now up in her years owns this landmark along with the building itself always provided good friendly service, and one of her longtime staff, Mary Lipscomb is now at Ben’s Chili Bowl.
    Her Christian witness won me over when I started going there in the early 90s, she also did not allow panhandling in her store, always made my stay wothwhile.

  • Anyone know if this Goins is related to the guy Goins who was gunned down in Adams Morgan a couple weeks ago?

  • I remember the fried chicken, Friday fish fry and yummy cornbread & (black eye) peas. I also remember Mrs. G as super friendly and the tremendous portions. Hasn’t been open in a minute; much missed.

  • Vonstallin

    I hope they open back up…will/is missed 🙁

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