Belated Thanksgiving Photos

Fry My Turkey

I’m sorry I’ve been caught on the road this week for a last minute work trip. Don’t feel too bad, I was in Vegas. Anyway, the phenomenal picture above was found on Euclid between 13th and 14th by Nikki.

Another photo after the jump.

The perfect Thanksgiving Dinner:

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  • NICE! That’s my sign! Never got any responses from it though.
    I still have a $5 “B” turkey from Maple Lawn in the freezer! I’ll share half now, cuz why not.

  • i like the lady in her wife beater…my grandma would have made me change if i came to the table in mine for thanksgiving :/

  • Yea, that is one of the reasons we stay in town for thanksgiving, so that we can stay relaxed and have a good time.

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