Anyone Like Kabobs?


This spot just opened up a couple of months ago at 3413 Georgia Ave. NW. It’s seems like the type of place where you will get some seriously legit kabobs. I mean it is called The House of Kabob and all…

If anyone’s checked it out let me know what you thought of the food.


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  • wow, exciting? has anyone tried it? Do you know where the owners are from??

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I believe the owner is from pakistan.

  • mission accepted. I will report back tomorrow

  • I googled the address, and it looks like the sign on the building says “New York Fried Chicken”…holdover from previous owner, or part of the package?

  • Oh man, that’s awfully close to Park Morton. Brave man.

  • That “Halal” bit is usually a good sign. They tend to know WTF they’re doing in the kebab department. I usually stick with the lamb or beef, since the chicken is almost always breast meat and is always dryer than Oscar Wilde.

  • Even if it’s near Park Morton and what I consider the ‘hood, I just may try it. I assume they have plexiglass, etc., no white table cloths and offer mambo sauce.

  • Does anyone know of a good halal butcher in DC?

  • Do they also serve pizza and burgers? If so, avoid.

    Re: Halal butcher, I have no basis whatsoever for rating them, but there’s a grocery looking place a few blocks north of Petworth metro which both looks clean (!) and has a sign touting its Halal-ness. Might be worth checking out… I can get a better location to you later today…

  • To follow on the above, that clean looking Halal grocer is on the corner of Georgia and Webster.

  • I walked in there the day after the name on the sign changed.

    It is the same owners as before. I think I remember him saying he was Lebanese.

    He gave me a free sample of the chicken. He told me that I should come back when it was “more fresh.” It was still darn tasty.

    I live at Georgia and Keefer and walk past it most every day. Just haven’t bought anything though.

  • Oh, and Anonymous–no Plexiglass. Just open and personal.

  • Ok, went there today and got the $5 chicken kabob lunch special. Came with bread, some roasted tomato, a little bit of chicken and a lot of rice. not the best kabob i’ve ever had but not the worst. Given the amount of rice, it was very filling for $5. verdict: not worth making a trip for, but would get it if I was in the neighborhood. I may give their lamb a try.

  • Oh, and the name on the menu is New York Chicken and Kabob. It seems like they didn’t want to change the awning so they just decided to incorporate chicken into the business plan. So they have a bunch of middle eastern food…and chicken wings and nuggets.

  • Where I want to know is where can I get a decent döner kebab in the city? If I can’t find the Turkish version, the middle-eastern version (schawarma) is nearly the same thing.

    Of course Gyro is the Greek version of the Turkish original, but the Greeks don’t use a pita. I want the real deal.

  • I haven’t been able to find a decent doner kebab in the city either. One of the sandwiches at Moby Dick gets you sorta close, but not all the way. And I agree that the turkish version is the tastiest of them all.

  • Well, their coffe is pretty cheap at least. Might try it.

  • Max’s Kosher Cafe and Marketplace makes a pretty darn good Schawarma but it’s all the way up in Wheaton. Worth the trip though. Although I believe it is closed Friday nights and Saturdays for Shabbat.

  • Yum, thanks for this tip. Even though some of the above commenters are scared of this area, I live right by there and am excited to try this place.

  • Also, what are their hours? They don’t seem to stay open very late.

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