Another Unbelievable Carriage House


I know I keep saying this but this one may be my new favorite. Here’s another angle:


Pretty amazing, yeah? This is a carriage house, right? One of the bigger one’s I’ve ever seen. I guess the only drawback is that you have to live in an alley but for this one I think I could deal with that. Would you?

For the curious it’s located on Fraser Court.

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  • I think that is Nate Berkus’ place. Whoever owns it is some has some relation to Oprah.

  • not to hate but there is an OVERabundance of flowerboxes on that place and its making me dizzy

  • I lived next door to that building and my window in my shower overlooked the sweet roofdeck. Whoever lived there loved to listen to bad 80’s ballads up on that deck.

  • The window boxes are fantastic (although there are a few too many).

  • That house is being attacked by green Tribbles.

  • It’s in the middle of an alley, surrounded by pavement. I think the green kinda serves as a (possibly ironic) nice counterpoint.

  • This house was featured in the walking tour of Naylor Court and Blagden Alley during WalkingTown DC in the fall. I highly recommend the tour.

  • I’m taking back what I just said. From the map, I realize it’s not the same place as Naylor Court & Blagden Alley are more in the Shaw/Convention Center area. But I do still recommend the tour, where you’ll see a house that’s nearly identical to this one.

  • Nice looking house but do they need four security cameras including the one on the light post?

  • This carriage house was on the Dupont Circle house tour in the mid-1990s (I am showing my age). It was an amazing renovation. I still remember the size of the shower—at least 6 people could have fit comfortably, and it was one of those superlux showers with showerheads on both the walls and the ceilings. With beautiful blue glass tile.

  • Beautiful. I wish we could get a peek inside. Someone went a little mad-crazy on the topiaries however.

  • For anyone looking for a carriage house to buy or rent, I’m your source. I know of two currently available for sale – one is renovated, the other is a shell.

  • This place has so many layers. It’s one-of-a-kind spectacular; I’ve seen every room. The rooftop is indescribably awesome. How important is the place you stage your life? This home is pure — WOW.

    I used to live a couple blocks from this and I remember it boarded and abandoned….completely blighted and useless back in the mid-80’s. It’s a great statement about possibilities when resurrecting garbage real estate.
    This must be the finest carriage house embellishment anywhere in town.
    Three cheers!!!!

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