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  • ew! Saki tastes like “flat” grain alcohol, but is still burny going down.

  • you know that my hobby-horse is neighborhood stuff, and i know that the people in dupont will fight to let you know that anything south of 18th and U isn’t adams morgan, it’s still dupont there.

  • Actually, Saki is smooth and flavorful if it’s fresh, like less than 6 months old. Unfortunately, most Saki we get here is either stale or of poor quality.

  • My husband used to live around the corner from here and we ate there several times.
    It’s been nearly a year, so I can only hope they’ve changed thier tables/seats. I’ve never wanted to rush through a meal so much (or drink) because I was so uncomfortable at a table that reminds you of kindergarten. Sitting on a box, with a box for a table (i.e. no leg room for me or my 6 foot 4 mate) was not my idea of a relaxing meal.

  • Awful. When we got our spring rolls they were still frozen. And I’ve heard the guy who owns it is loco.

  • That place is always empty. I’m surprised it’s still open

  • As someone who lives near the restaurant and has watched its development from the start, I truly wish it would just go away. It took the owner over two years to develop the [extremely] tiny space – mostly because he didn’t spend much time there working on it (I walk by the place daily). The restaurant changed signs three times, changed names once, and changed menus God knows how many times. Everything from the uncomfortable furniture to the odd looking fence and pavement outside, the awning, and the paint color on the brick is an eyesore. And what do we get for watching an empty space for nearly two years: a rip-off of something like four other restaurants within a ten minute walk. The back of the building (and the one beside it, in fairness) are both stains on what is otherwise a very nice alley.

    The place defines inconsistency, so it’s not worth trusting anyone’s review. But for the record, both of my trips involved a truly awkward wait staff and food that felt and tasted as if it had been prepared days earlier and zapped (not quite long enough) in the microwave. Regent, Banana Leaves, Thaiphoon, and Straits of Malaya aren’t life-changing dining experiences, but they are all light years ahead of this place. I adore DC and would eat dog barf at most locally owned restaurants just to keep them open, but Whatever Blossom is a waste of time. Practically anyone could open up shop in that building and show a better appreciation for the neighborhood and serve better food.

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