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  • Hunan Delight, the one on Hawaii Ave NE. Great crappy food.

    That’s was my first time, and I’ll probably never do it again (as far as the menu-in-the-door goes).

  • I’ve tried a couple of places. It’s a big deal in Bloomingdale that we now get papered with menus, instead of being told that someone doesn’t deliver to the ‘hood.

  • If there’s a better way to do a culinary taste tour of chicken wings and mambo sauce, I haven’t discovered it.

    FYI, Yums used to have the best, but no longer. The reigning champion is “Evil” Dannys on H Street NE across from Granville Moore’s. Try their steak and cheese and cheese and ham and egg and bacon sub. It’s worth the coronary.

  • All the time, not being as fancy as some of y’all who post here with such sophisticated palates. The food isn’t gourmet, but it’s available , delivered and not cold.

  • Always hoping that the next place I order from will be “the one.” So, every time I hear of a new place I get excited. This includes getting menus on my door.

  • How do you get these people to stop leaving these menus?

  • I have. It is quite nice when you move somewhere new because if they leave you a menu, you will know for sure that you are in their delivery area.

  • I’ve ordered from the Goody’s on 14th St. many times. We called years ago for the first time, after getting a menu in the door… It’s not gourmet by any mean, but not bad for plain ole delivery Chinese. They also have random burgers, subs and tacos and the like, but I’m not that adventurous.

  • Yes, yes and yes, yum’s, thai tanic, boli, china express, hunan ? armands, etc… Now I am looking for the delivery menu that delivers beer as well or it that illegal, I forget.

  • yup – fortune express on 14th. their delivery is consistently on time and the sweet and sour chicken (white meat only) is fantastic.

  • PoP, are you one of those “elitist liberals” I hear so much about?

  • Hong Kong Chinese over on GA Ave. Good sesame chicken, but bad as leftovers. Also has delicious egg drop soup.

  • I have to agree with Rachel here. Hong Kong is the best I’ve found so far (that delivers anywhere near me). Wishing for better, but that’s my current go-to for dirty Chinese delivery.

    I wish they would heed my request for “extra hot and spicy,” but they never do. But, the only ones that ever did that was “U”-Like.

  • North Sea is by far the best place that will deliver to Petworth. They don’t leaflet the neighborhood but their menu is online. Their food is fantastic and delivery is pretty quick.

  • Vonstallin

    Pre 2006 I might have been able to give you a comparison of each and every last carryout in the region. I stop eating at the Chinese carryout’s 2= years ago, but I do try the menus left by the Pizza places. Most are 50/50.

    I normally judge them by their Stromboli.
    Washington Pizza by far have the best Stromboli and plain oven baked wings, but the old guy who takes orders will give you a price rage of $3 meaning sometimes you call and its $10.99 and other times you call (same items) and its $13.99….

    I eat garbage so it don’t matter most times where I get food from…I just try and get it less oily/grease.

    So says Lord Von….

  • North Sea delivers beer…but keep that on the low…if too many find out they might stop.

  • these menus make great kindling for my fireplace. but i’ve never opened one of them.

  • We also have called Hong Kong for delivery Chinese. They’re actually pretty fast and the food is decent. I like the Shrimp Lo Mein, cheap and good.

  • Thanks Petworth Shopper. Consider it down lowed.

  • A similar question: Has anyone ever voted for someone who’s left a stack of flyers on their doorstep? I have actually decided NOT to vote for someone as a result of that.

    I don’t mind the menus as long as they leave it in a secure place. I’ve occasionally ordered from someone, and they usually give you coupons. Most of the people who “flyer” my house leave them like your picture or stuck in my door.

    It’s just one more piece of junk mail so who cares – as long as it doesn’t become litter because it wasn’t left secured, I’m totally fine with it.

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