A Message?


I feel like this one of those messages from back in the Middle Ages when they cut someone’s head off and put it on a pike as a warning. I guess this is saying “Don’t frack with our porch furniture!”.

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  • Isn’t that the Buddha? Since a central tenet of Buddhism is ‘existence is suffering,’ maybe the head means that they are reconciled to the fact that porch furniture (or anything left outside) disappears pretty quickly around these parts.

  • Vonstallin

    i would so rock this infront of my window…

  • Coming from a Buddhist herself… I’m pretty sure that’s just a statue of the Awakened One (the actual Buddha, Bautama)… simply a “tribute” to his life/teachings/etc. In theory, statues related to Buddhism are supposed to only adorn a home (whether the residents are Buddhist or just appreciate Buddhist ideas), and are not meant for any sort of significance or worship in any way.

    They’re pretty fly, in my opinion. Like it outside the window!

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