Dear PoP – Where’s A Good Laundromat?

24 hr Laundromat in downtown DC, originally uploaded by Batty aka Photobat.

“I’m sure there are still folks out there who use laundromats, maybe only occasionally (such as when you renovate a basement??). Or even some folks who don’t have laundry in their condo/apartment?

I’ll be without in house laundry for about 6 weeks, so it would be super helpful to know which, if any, of the Laundromats in the area are reliable and maybe even comfortable.”

Hmm, thankfully I haven’t had to deal with this situation in a number of years.  Though I have been pining for a new washer/dryer for quite a while…damn my frugal ways.  Anyway, I’m counting on you guys to give some good advice.  I’d imagine proximity would be more important than comfort.  I know there are a few on Georgia Ave, a relatively new one on Upshur near El Limeno and of course there’s the big one on the corner of 11th and Lamont as well as one on 14th Street across from the Black Cat.  But this particular reader is looking for suggestions near Petworth and Columbia Heights.   So any laundromat users out there?  If there are particularly good ones please list them even if they fall outside the Petworth/CH area.  What makes a good laundromat anyway?  Machines?  TVs?  Vending machines?


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  • the laundromat on upshur near el limeno is freaking fantastic… the guy that runs it is as nice as you can imagine (and lives in the apts up stairs!), there are vending machines, a couple of tvs that are always on and playing a great late 80s movie (but are changed at request, no problems), clean bathrooms, and the machines are REALLY efficient. we have a washer and dryer, but i still go there sometimes just to knock out a load quickly!

  • Does anyone know a good laundromat for my 50 million dollar pants?

  • PoP…didn’t one of your guest writers to a write up on landrymats a few months back. I think they were probably located in Col Heights.

  • The one on 11th and Lamont isn’t fancy, but the top loading machines are 75 cents to a dollar depending on which ones you pick, and I can usually knock out my three loads in an hour and a half. Plus, they have a parking lot. We have machines in our building, but I refuse to use them because I think that at $2, they’re ridiculously over priced.

  • I can’t say I’ve ever used it before, but there’s a laundromat next door to the Red Derby. Talk about convenient! Come home with clean clothes and a buzz.

  • I third 11th and Lamont. There’s a full-time staff person in case you need help. I have washed things there on a few occasions, although I think I paid closer to $1.75 per load (of blankets).

    Plus, it’s right near Columbia Hts Coffee and Red Rocks if you’re in need of a snack

  • I posted the question to PoP – I’ll be tugging along a toddler and maybe infant at times, so reliable machines and not sketchy are a bigger deal than proximity. I’ll have to be driving, given all that I’ll be hauling. (You might ask why I agreed to disconnect my washer/dryer right when I was having a baby… yeah, I ask myself that too.) Being close to a coffeeshop/pizza is def a plus! Parking is also a plus, but so long as street parking can be procured, I can manage.

    I’m glad to hear there are good places… keep options coming!

  • The one in Mt Pleasant (on Mt Pleasant St) is open 24 hours, and always has a mix of people (men and women) using it. Clean and safe.

    Also, “I’m sure there are still folks out there who use laundromats, maybe only occasionally (such as when you renovate a basement??). Or even some folks who don’t have laundry in their condo/apartment?”

    There are tons of people living in DC that don’t have access to laundry service, either in their house or in their apartment. Maybe not reading this blog, but still…

  • Vonstallin

    Premium Laundromat On the left hand corner going north on 14th and Quincy st .
    Big washer for curtains and big comforters.

    This should have the pictures attached to the google maps.
    street parking also. The L on 11th street seems more like the Ideal stop for you tho.,-77.032686&panoid=6jIc_5RWzq32pII7GqbnpA&cbp=12,264.9714937286202,,0,0.7924743443557555

  • Vonstallin

    I’m sorry…
    link didn’t act right for some reason.

  • I think Amy may be remembering the post by Tina about Laundroland in MtP (I haven’t been personally, but I think it’s just a few doors down from Heller’s bakery):

  • Whenever I think of laudromats, I remember being single and living in Mt. Pleasant, before being married and a Petworth homeowner. I was teaching nightschool to mostly immigrant men and one morning washing clothes at the Panamerican Laundromat. I was taking out a bunch of clothes from the dryer and folding them. I remember takng out a black lace bikini, holding it up a little to fold it. And who should walk by, but a student who greeted me, “Hello, teacher”, in his charming Spanish-accented English. I instinctively hid the bikini under a stack of folded towels and knew I was turning red.

  • I’ve used the one at Georgia & Morton and the one at Georgia & Park Rd — they’re perfectly fine for laundromats but given the other options on this list (and the fact that you’ll have a baby in tow), wouldn’t be my first recommendation. The one in the small strip mall at Morton St (by the post office) is probably the better of the two only because it’s less crowded.

  • Vonstallin

    A teacher Says:
    December 31st, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    I could like totaly en-vision the story you told…..classic. lol

  • I recognize the photo. Shepherd Park, near Georgia and Kalmia?

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