Yup, Another Shooting

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Thanks to all who have sent me emails about the shooting that took place Friday night around 11:30pm at Taylor and Marlboro Streets, NW. I actually live relatively near by and my neighbors are telling me that around 15-20 shots were fired. Lovely.

City Paper has the details.

They report:

“On the sidewalk in front of 4016 Marlboro Place NW, a bicycle lay on its side beside a pool of blood. Cops were combing the street. The house windows were dark. According to Lieutenant Trippi of the MPD, a single shooter opened fire on two* men shortly after 11:30 p.m. One man was shot in the leg; the other sustained an unspecified number of gun wounds to the head.”

I’ve seen a number of MPD officers walking around – hopefully their presence will stop the inevitable retribution…

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  • I live a block from where it happened. We were watching TV. It was weird, at first I thought definitely gun shots but then it kept going and going like a pack of firecrackers, even random pops at the end like pack of firecrackers finishing off. I didn’t call the cops because I was convinced it was firecrackers. Just in case, I lowered the volume to listened for a car screeching off but didn’t hear one so then I was sure it was firecrackers. But then about 10 minutes later, a ton of cop cars swarmed the area so we knew it was gun shots. it’s weird how you can’t really tell the difference.

    the street behind my house was roped off so they could look for things. Not sure what happened but it was the most gunfire I’ve ever heard. it’s really a shame that on such a victorious week with Obama winning, that people can’t just chill for that short amount of time. maybe that’s nieve.

    I will say, who ever did it was not in a hurry to get away. They took their good old time shooting and shooting. it didn’t appear to be a back and forth shoot out. It seemed one way. I’m glad the blogs post on this because otherwise, you can’t find any information out anywhere. It’s really frustrating. I think we have a right to know what’s going on in our neighborhoods, escpically right outside our doors.

  • I hope the camera on Shepard captured the getaway car.

  • I live about 3 blocks away and couldn’t sum it up better than Morgan did. I thought it was a pack of fireworks.

    I’d like to think this will make the cops more present in the area, but I seriously doubt it…

  • I live near the intersection of Kennedy & 7th (Brightwood Park), and heard 10 gunshots around 3 a.m. (second time in the last couple of weeks). I dialed 911 and was told that several other people had already called, and that units were on the way.

    Does anybody know if there were any casualties?

  • 3rd and Talyor seems to be a constant Trouble spot

  • Looks like there was a murder at Georgia and Crittenden or Buchanan last night according to the 4D listserve.

  • I hate this area and want to move as soon as we can find a place that matches what we need.

  • Yeah, I now just assume if it isn’t the week before or after the 4th of July, its gun fire.

  • Neener – that’s why we moved -the crime is just crazy. I read three articles in the Sunday Washington Post – all about crime in the Petworth Neighborhood. We are so happy that we moved out of DC adn into a quiet, SAFE neighborhood.

  • Of course I would rather there be nobody shot anywhere but I disagree that this shooting indicates that the neighborhood is not SAFE.

    When is the last time someone with no connections was killed on the street in Petworth? I can only think of two examples in DC as a whole. One is Mt. Pleasant and the other is Georgetown.

  • Yeah people kill each other all the time in non Petworth or even DC neighborhoods, like the suburbs. What about that guy who just got arrested for shooting a cab driver in the head when he didn’t feel like paying?

  • ElevenIrving: Why does it matter if they have “connections” or not. A shooting is a shooting. What if you had been walking by and got caught in the middle or worse if a stray bullet flew into your window and killed you or some one you love. To say that only “connected” people get shot is just flat out wrong. I can think of about four incidents with in the last several years where children were killed by stray bullets. Are you telling me these children had “connections”…really come on – make a better argument than that. A shooting does indicate that a neighborhood is not safe. Your comment is one of the most ridiculous comments I have ever heard. True that these children were not on the “street”, but they are dead non the less. Tell their families that their neighborhood is SAFE.

    I feel bad that yet more people are dying on the streets of Petworth, I really do. It’s such a sad state of affairs and I don’t know what the solutions are.

  • I asked specifically about Petworth for a reason. Sure, you know four cases of children somewhere who were killed from stray bullets. This is still an extremely unlikely occurance. Assuming that all these cases are even from the DC metro area and over the last 5 years that is roughly one case per one million people per year. The last one I can recall was in NE DC last month. Just the fact that this stray bullet case was pretty big local news should tell you something — it doesn’t happen very often.

    It’s natural to feel unsafe if people are being shot nearby but the whole stray bullet fear is not rational. Getting run over by a car is more likely even in neighborhoods with much more crime than Petworth.

  • I don’t have an irrational fear of stray bullets. But your arguement made no sense. Why does it matter if someone is connected or not? Maybe I should have stopped there. Please do not preach to me about the likleyhood of something happening etc. Shootings in a neighborhood – any neighborhood and the high rate of prevelence of those shootings = unsafe.

  • The amount of crime in this area seems just amazing to me. On 4th last weekend (Halloween) there was also gunfire reported. It seems so odd, as pretty much all of my neighbors seem to be young professionals or retirees. What’s going on out here?

  • Anonymous, I agree. Where I live we have one single lone stand-out family who is causing 100% of the problems on our block. They’re friends with the one single guy causing problems on our cross street to the west and the one single family causing problems one cross street to the east and their son has a kid by the daughter in the one single family causing problems two blocks over and his best friend brings drugs in on weekends while visiting his mother who lives in a basement apartment in the block to the North and about 30 families are part of an online group who track where these guys are and report suspicious activity, which sometimes happens 8-10 times on a weekend (fistfights, stolen bikes, drinking in public, etc). And the worse these local guys get then people start mushmouth meandering in from apartment buildings until the families on our block are staring at a group of 15 guys who don’t live on our block drinking on the stoops or the sidewalks. There is a really small group of people still causing these problems, but they cause problems 24/7.

  • ElevinIrving,

    My house was hit by stray bullets 3 times in the last 10 years. To say that stray bullets are a rare occurrence betrays crippling naivete. Stray bullets getting in the news is rare, but I have a window air conditioner with two bullet holes confirmed by the police. I have a chipped brick that appeared after a gun incident. my neighbors lost car windows and leather upholstery and a convertible top. There was a tree that the police believe was hit by a bullet one time- chip from the tree is about 16-20 ft high. Not one of those stories made it into the papers or local blogs.

    I don’t care if a bullet actually hitting my person is rare, I have heard the bullets smash into my air conditioner with a sound that could wake the dead! I am not the same and will never be the same after that. I know who was responsible and the police know who was responsible and no one even got arrested!

  • If you want to be afraid you can always find justification. Earth destroying asteroids almost hit us every now and then.

    Neener, you know very well that I did not say stray bullets are rare. Any bullet that misses its intended target (and even some that hit it) become stray.

  • @ elevenIrving: You still have not addressed your “connected” comment. You are more concerned about probabilities than you are about explaining why “connected” is your operative word. And how shootings does NOT make an neighborhood unsafe…

    @neener – I hear you. Move out of Petworth/DC and I gaurantee you will sleep better at night

  • MIke, do you have business or personal interactions with people who settle differences violently? If not, then you aren’t connected.

  • Well darn it -then I guess I am not connected. I guess I get to live

  • I was actually considering buying a home in CH/Petworth, but changed my mind after reading about all of the crime there. I actually looked at more than 20 different homes before I decided that I don’t want to be messing with the kind of crap that goes on in D.C.

    This is nothing new. It has been going on for decades. It sucks, big time.

  • ElevenIrving: apologize.

    “Sure, you know four cases of children somewhere who were killed from stray bullets. This is still an extremely unlikely occurance.”

    “extremely unlikely” and my terminology “rare” are synonyms. If you don’t recognize that you are lying to save face then give it up.

  • I said people being killed from stray bullets is rare, not the existence of stray bullets. Stray bullets are quite common. I guess you didn’t understand what I was saying.

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