Tina Visits Pupuseria San Miguel


Wikipedia defines a pupusa as a “thick, hand-made corn tortilla that is stuffed with one or more of the following; cheese, fried pork rind, squash, refried beans, or queso con loroco.” There is also a lengthy article describing the history and economy of the pupusa, as well as their numerous “cousins and variants.” Having only been introduced to the pupusa a mere two years ago, I have created my own definition which is all anyone who is unfamiliar with this treat needs to know: “delicious cheese-bomb.”


I do not declare myself to be a pupusa connoisseur, but I will say that though some are better than others – I have yet to meet a pupusa that I didn’t like. Lucky for me, I have many pupuserias at my disposal in Mount Pleasant, but Pupuseria San Miguel has become my favorite. Thanks to a big sign right outside it is hard to miss, but it is kind of hidden from the street, in the basement of 3110 Mount Pleasant Street. Continues after the jump.


The inside is, frankly, kind of ugly. There is not much in terms of ambiance, and the radio is always too loud. I usually opt to take my food home since the few times I have eaten in there have been quite a few disruptions – including the blaring music, and once my table was even visited by a homeless person asking for change. I’m not opposed to laid back dining environments, but sometimes this is too much for me. Aside from that, my only other qualm is that it always takes a really long time to get your food. I think, though, there might only be one person in the kitchen.


In my many visits to Pupuseria San Miguel I have tried the tacos, the platanos fritos, and the carne asada, all of which are tasty enough. But I usually fall back on an old favorite, dos pupusas revueltas y frijoles. No, it’s not the healthiest dinner you can find, but it is delicious, and filling, and a steal at only $4.95.

So, are the pupusas at San Miguel the best you can find in DC? Maybe not, I don’t know! For that information you may have to ask someone who has been eating them far longer than I have. Is it the best pupusa I have found in DC? Yes, yes it is!

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  • Pupuseria San Miguel is one of the things i miss most about moving out of the CHalfonte Apts. on Argonne. Best pupusas in DC, IMHO.

  • Pupusas are the national dish of El Salvador, and as Wikipedia says, they are basically a fat, stuffed tortilla. On the side something called curtido is usually served, a pickled cole slaw which I’ve grown to like. If you’ve just gotten introduced to pupusas, you may not have lived in a city like DC before, home to a large Salvadoran population. Also, Hondurans eat pupusas. The only ones I don’t like are when they’re too greasy. Try una pupusa revuelta, one with mixed cheese and meat (pork). Buen provecho.

  • I can’t wait to try them! I LOVE Pupusas! I miss the guy who sold them out of his truck in Hyattesville, MD. Not only were they the best pupusas I have ever had, but the man who ran the truck was THE nicest person ever!

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