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DSCN4569, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks a million to the reader who kept updating me with the whereabouts of this crazy bus until I could finally snap a photo. It’s been spotted on Rock Creek Church Road for almost a week. Dang, I suppose this would’ve made for a good caption contest. Well, if you’re feeling particularly inspired we can have a bonus caption contest.


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  • Phew – the stupid thing had been occupying 2 spots on Newton and jutting out enough that it was difficult for 2 cars to pass each other.

  • Agreed – the thing’s been creating a traffic pain the the butt for weeks now. Anyone know the regulations for parking an out of state commercial vehicle on the street for extended periods of time? Maybe they could make a deal with Bancroft or some other facility with a lot to park it there.

  • Unless the top half is paper mache, I can’t imagine that thing is road-worthy. It looks like a roll-over waiting to happen. One turn taken too fast and I bet it does a belly flop onto the pavement.

  • Yeah, but if it flipped over it would just be right side up again… Its invincible…

  • boomhauer, maybe it can operate either way…right side up or upside down! that might suck for the passengers, hope it has seat belts!

  • It has to handle horribly, especially if since has all the truck chassis components and all that mass way up high. Unsafe at any speed!

  • Hmmm, Calif. tags? That’d never make it past the gimlet eyes of the DC DMV inspectors. 🙂

  • You know what’s stupid? I saw this thing at the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market this past weekend – walked right by it, and didn’t even notice the top of the thing.

  • I want to know what a school bus has to do with organic farming? Now if it was a tractor with another tractor on top of it upside down, I would understand.

  • Just checked out their website, apparently it is an organization that wants a giant organic farm planted on the White House lawn. The bus also has an organic farm on the top of the upside down bus. Which must be fun to pick the bugs and road tar off your organically grown cucumber!

  • I was up close to the truck and do not believe that the top is entirely metal.

  • These guys have an awesome message and have been touring the country for support. The top is a garden. We need more locally grown food, and I for one heartily support that initiative in the white house!

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