This Just In – 18 Year Old Serial Robber Apprehended

Just received from Inspector Delgado via email:

I am happy to report that Mr. Michael Richardson has been caught by Officers Brownlee and Ferguson of the Third District Substation.”

If this doesn’t make any sense you can catch up on the details here.

Update: From the Washington Post:

“A teenager being sought by D.C. police in a string of robberies in the Columbia Heights area turned himself in yesterday, ending a two-day search in a case that generated a police-led e-mail campaign and much community attention.”

“Since then, police officials said, they did more investigation to bolster the case and once again obtained a warrant to charge Richardson as an adult. He called police yesterday and met them at 13th and Irving streets NW at 3:30 p.m., when he was taken into custody. Police were questioning him last night, officials said.”

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  • Will he be released Friday or Monday? Lets start a poll. I say Monday!

  • The various personalities involved in the “back end” of the criminal justice system may be lazy and apathetic, but at least they are self-serving: they aren’t about to serve themselves up as the main course for a media feeding frenzy. Mr. Richardson ain’t getting out until the story is cold. So, let’s say Tuesday.

    Having paid his debt to society, he’ll no doubt successfully re-integrate himself into the neighborhood, assuring Columbia Heights remains a market leader in blunt-force occipital trauma.

  • Vonstallin

    I actualy think they will keep him until med week…say Wed or Thurs….It is the holidays you know.

  • So does “caught” mean the same as Mr. Richardson called the police and turned himself him? That is what the WP reported today…

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