Sweet Street Scene


It might be a whole different story in the evening but during the day it was pretty sweet. Anyone recognize it?

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  • I think it’s park road, east of Georgia Ave

  • Looks like Morton at Sherman Ave.

  • Hate to quibble, but hardly any place with portable Police equipment stationed and ready to go is ever “sweet”.

  • It is the 700 block of Morton, as seen from Sherman. And the police lights are parked there as overflow parking from the Park Road police station, along with a couple of police cars usually. The lights tend to get deployed in the 600 block of Morton (my block, across Georgia Ave) much more often.

  • Anonymous–that looks to me like the mounting for one of those “Your speed is…” signs, where it uses a radar gun to show you how fast you’re going (and hopefully slow down). I don’t think they’d leave actual police stuff out there.

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