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  • Monroe, right off 16th street! I love this street, all the trim on the top of the colorful row houses here remind me of cake decorations. I believe one of the Speed Hump signs has been tagged Speed Hump’n recently too.

  • Monroe! We live on 16th and use this street to cut over to Giant. I love the houses on this block.

  • Doesn’t that sign to the right say Monroe st?

  • The dead give away really is the second speed hump sign in from the left. Read “Speed Hump’n”. One of my favorite customized signs throughout DC.

  • So in 1906 or whenever these places were built, do you think the residents shunned them as “cookie cutter” (or whatever phrase was the style at the tme). Not Hatin’, just sayin’ they all look the same and if a row of new homes all went up today people would hate on them and say they’re cookie cutter row homes and how come they can’t look more different, yadda yadda yadda. Was it the same back then?

  • i speed humped ahead once. it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. TRUST ME.

  • mmm.. ginkgo trees

  • Make sure that “Speed” is wearing a condom; never could trust that reckless anime driver anyway. Just ask his pet monkey … just awful.

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