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This church is located just off Connecticut Ave. on, er, uh, well I forget the cross street but I’m sure you recognize it, yeah? Lots of folks have wrote to request this one be featured as a ‘sweet city church’. A buddy of mine got married in this church and I can say it is equally impressive on the inside. True story, on the morning of my buddy’s wedding there was a pro-choice walk and I wore a pro choice sticker into this catholic church. In hindsight that wasn’t the classiest move I’ve ever made…but I’d do it again.

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  • Sweet City…Cathedral. Kennedy’s state funeral was held there, as was Supreme Court Justices Brennan and Rehnquist, among other notables.

  • St. Matthew’s Cathedral, right? I’ve never been inside, but I feel like you can see that dome for blocks north of it.

  • I was married there and both my kids were baptized there since we lived in that parish at the time. It’s pretty impressive (much more so on the inside than outside) but I like Sacred Heart on 16th & Park a bit more from a purely asthetic standpoint. PoP don’t fret about the sticker from the standpoint of bothering the protestors, I do think it might have been a bit thoughtless from the standpoint of the parents of the bride & groom. Weddings should be a politics free zone don’t you think?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    No, no – the pro choice march had nothing to do with the wedding just happened to be the same day. It wasn’t a premeditated statement and I wasn’t in the wedding, I was just sitting in my pew so I don’t think it was too offensive. But all in all I agree that weddings should be about celebrating the couple. Anyway, the church/cathedral is amazing!

  • Wait, now I”m confused. I thought you were saying that you wore your sticker to the wedding?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I did wear the sticker to the wedding. Oh, I misunderstood Schweeney’s comment. Oops, sorry about that.

  • It’s a pretty picture. The only blue sky I’ve seen today!

  • Wow. I’d say that is more than just not classy and I’m sure more people noticed than you think.

  • Next time just give a “curse” toast. It will be just a tad less offensive to the people getting married.

  • “but I’d do it again”?

    If you feel the need to promote your pro-death opinions to a group of “friends” at a Catholic wedding to which neither society nor the Church obligated you to attend, you are pathetic, attention-seeking loser.

  • Jeez, there is an awful lot of negativity here. First, I doubt anyone noticed, particularly from the bridal party – most of my friends report their weddings being this crazy blur, what with everything that needs to get done, saying hi to great-aunt Lucy, etc, etc. And when I’m a guest at a wedding, I’m generally more focused on the happy event than scrutinizing what my fellow guests are wearing.

    And FWIW you may have had support within the church. My 80+ year old distant relative by marriage, who is a lifelong Catholic, caught the local evangelical church putting some really nasty pro-life fliers on everyone’s car one Sunday. She not only went around the parking lot removing all of the fliers, but returned after the second service to do it again.

  • PoP gets jumped on for everything around here.

  • a. nobody noticed, hard to believe, to classy to make a fuss more like it b. there are no accidents and c.weddings are about the bride and groom period! im pro choice. you Pop are to smart, savy and aware of the world around you to play dumb in this instance, quite a dissapointment . would it be ok with you if someone wore a pro P.L.O. button to a bar mitzvah or a wedding in a temple? a time and a place for everything. please go grandstand some where else and think twice before goingp”pro”

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I make mistakes. I appreciate what everyone says regarding this issue.

  • since no one has chimed in on the location, i’ll just remind everyone that it’s on the 1700 block of rhode island ave. nw, just east of connecticut.

  • St. Matthew’s Cathedral’s steps is the spot where young John Kennedy Jr. made a salute while holding his mother’s hands at his father’s funeral. The largest collection of heads of state and royalty ever in Washington followed the Kennedy family on foot from the White House to the Cathedral for the funeral Mass. President Kennedy’s flag-draped coffin, resting on a horse-drawn carriage, was at the front of the procession.

    An estimated one million people were on the streets that clear, cold, crisp, late November day to witness the searing event. After the burial in Arlington Cemetery, the Kennedy family returned to the White House to celebrate Caroline’s birthday. She turned six on the day of her father’s funeral.

    One thing about getting older is that the memories become part of who we are. I recall the four days around President Kennedy’s assassination and funeral as if that immense tragedy happened last week. For me, it was the event that forever knocked childhood out of my gut in a certain respect. Quite sobering for young lad.

    Architecturally, the Cathedral is an extraordinary, architectural and artistic masterpiece inside and well worth a respectful visit by all, regardless of one’s beliefs, religious or not. Clearly Italian-inspired (if not designed), the dome, itself, is a wonderful site from rooftops nearby and the immediate streets below.

    As someone who regards himself as post-Catholic (and was once attacked for being Jewish!) and a brother of a former nun (who became an airline stewardess, but that’s another story – and I am not joking), hey, like, we, Catholics, current, past, wanna-bees, come in all stripes ‘n colors and whatever!

    I will note in one Woody Allen movie where he was trying out Catholicism, I knew he had it wrong when he used mayonaisse instead of butter on a certain sandwich. When I saw that scene, I thought to myself: “Obviously, the director was advised by an Episcopalian! Poor Brooklyn soul!

    There are many Catholics who see things quite differently from Vatican (Canon) Law and still regard themselves as devout Catholics. There are deep divisions within the Roman Catholic Church as, I suspect, there are in all religions.

    No people, no race, no ethnic group is a monolith.

    Oy, vey! Mah-ze? (latter a transliteration from Hebrew for “What’s this?”)

    ps Yes, it’s true, my childhood Jim, used to address our Archdiocese’s cardinal in my hometown as “Your M and M’s.” He didn’t realize at his young age that he was supposed to be saying, “Your Eminence,” which is how one properly addresses a Cardinal, a Prince of the Church, not to be confused with the bird or baseball player by the same name.

    Not to be confused with the Prince of Petworth – who we all know is a Saint, in his own way.

    pps Good luck with the full-time blogging! Wonderful news. Mazel tov!

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