Sneak Peek at the Solea Condominiums


Ed. Note: Full disclosure, Solea is an advertiser on PoP.

I checked out the Solea sneak preview, located at the corner of 14th and Florida, this weekend and it seems pretty cool. You can find more info on their Web site. I dig the views from the big windows in the living room but I’ll let you guys be the judge. I checked out a 2 bedroom/2bathroom/1 den going for $599,000.


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  • pricey pricey. but i do likey. Ill just say that with an official condo glut in DC these days with building after building going rental and unit after unit coming up foreclosed or a short sale. These prices do seem a little 2005… if I was in the market for a condo id be asking for about a decade of no condo fees. But in this market Id rather pick up a house.

  • Any scoop on the retail that is expected on the ground level.

  • It looks fine but a little cheap, though the price is anything but. I am no expert but the way it was constructed looked a little flimsy too….

  • Is Latino Auto Sale on the corner across the street out of business?

  • Be careful guys… with these comments PoP might lose his advertising contract 😉

    But I agree — anyone think they might go rental?

  • I’m not a huge fan of the giant windows, but something a little bigger than that tiny window in the bedroom would be nice…

  • I would have a hard time fitting in all the kitchen equipment. I guess it would be back to basics…

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    I’d love to live there – so URBAN. and great views. but i agree that it’s way too $$$. for that much dough why do they come with such CHEAP closets? WIRE COATED racks?! O RLY?!?!?!!!

  • The 2BR/Den is a bit pricey, I’ll give you that… However, I went by yesterday and they’re advertising 1BRs at $330k with parking and studios at $250k. That’s a pretty solid price compared to Union Row, which is trying to sell $1BRs at $400k without parking….

  • I like the big windows in the living room, small window in the bedroom dynamic. It provides for bright living spaces and privacy in the bedroom.

    Given the credit situation, I wonder how many people out there in the target marketing demographic can get a 600K mortgage and/or have a 20% deposit?

  • Regarding the first comment “…and unit after unit coming up foreclosed or a short sale.” Why don’t you provide some examples to back up your clueless statement. If your waiting for prices to drop to match your fantasy you will be a very old person still renting.

  • Looks great

  • I like the hard hats on top of the refrigerator.

  • I also looked at a number of units in the Solea and price wise they are much cheaper then Union Row and Unionware house, considering the square footage. Comparably the Solea’s units are much bigger then union row and priced lower. For $599.000 at the Solea there is a huge two bedroom + loft with roof patio.

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