Red Lounge Bar & Grill Has (Re) Opened


Back in May, I had asked if anyone had been to the secret bar with no sign located at 2013 14th Street. Turns out a number of people had. Well, the Lounge is still open and their is now a sign plus they have a renovated downstairs grill area. Looks pretty good. You can find more info on their Web site. Anyone check it out since its reopened? Thumbs up or down?

Prices seem pretty reasonable.


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  • Never eaten there but been upstairs for “Fatback,” an awesome funk and soul DJ night. No cover, sweet jams, lots of dancing

  • i was gonna say what tom said. fatback is the shit, great times. check for more info.

  • Red Lounge was originally called International Grill and I have eaten there to many times to count. Gyros, Salmon, and Chicken wraps are to die for. Chef Wafa is DA BOMB.
    I went upstairs for the haunted house on halloween that was so realistic, that I witnessed a grown woman actually faint.
    My one regret is that I only have two thumbs so I can’t give them 10 thumbs up just for the food alone.
    Add 5 more thumbs up for just having a good time.
    The photos on their web site tells the whole store.

  • Their neighbors are not fans of the thumping music they blast out into the night and have called the police on them to make noise complaints on numerous occasions, as well as writing various elected city officials begging for intervention. They’ve been a bit better at complying w city rules recently (such as not keeping their front door propped open at all times and all hours, given the amount of sound that gets out that way), but they are not a popular business among those who live nearby.

  • In response to Anonymous, When you say their neighbors are not fans, have they said anything to the owners or are you referring to yourself as not being a fan?
    I know the owners personally and they are very hard working and caring people and go out of their way to adhere to the laws.
    As far as being a popular business among those who live nearby, the closes residences are over a block away and I am sure if the sound carried that far, they would have immediate police presence at their facility which so far has not happened.
    Their immediate neighbors are establishments like themselves, such as Jins, Marvins, Bus Boys and Poets and other venues of that caliber.
    Also I have seen Councilman Graham and ANC Commissioner Hunter frequent their establishment to purchase food.
    Maybe if you feel this strongly about this venue, you can get together the annoyed parties and meet with the owners and resolve your concerns. A ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.
    It seems to me if there is a problem, you take it directly to the source.
    And that’s how I see it.

  • Anonymous Says:
    I wonder if Anonymous has a personal vendetta against the red lounge.
    Below is a favorable comment left bak on Mat 23rd 2008
    Go Figure

    May 23rd, 2008 at 2:47 pm
    Looks like red lounge. I have been there. It is one of my favorite places to “get away” from the normal scene in DC. They play mostly hip-hop/reggae/dance hall. Very unpretentious, chill & fun. On a Sat. night it will pull a decent crowd and there will be plenty of dancing. During the week it is a little more laid back. Although, I don’t know how secret it is… they have a sign that says Red Lounge… unless this is a different place. It is in between Marvin’s and Jin Lounge, no?

  • Police have been called on multiple occasions.

    And you’re right — any normal business would be out of earshot of the residences in this mixed use community, however, Red Lounge is so loud and so committed to ignoring the pleas of its neighbors that it is easily audible.

    How’s that? Because it is simply not the case that all residents are more than a block away; Red Lounge neighbor Busboys is a residential building with a business on the first floor and 80 condos above it, for example.

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