Reader Submitted Photos From Election Celebrations

alien 3 am 11-5-08

Above from Rozi: “Many months ago you featured my alien with his “Impeach Bush” sign. Thought you might like to see the update.”

From El Puma:





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From Susanna on Georgia Ave and inside Looking Glass Lounge:



From Jason:

From Cindy at 14th and U Streets, NW:



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  • These just make me tear up all over again!

    I love it! We finally got those flippin’ fear-mongering Republicans out of office. Hope rules!

  • hey that’s me! Yeah for party on Quebec and Georgia!

  • Who is the hottie with no shirt?

  • Honestly, I do not get the hype.

    He is just another politician, who in the end have to answer more to the political contributions than they do to the American People.

    I am really ready for another Political Party……anyone else?

  • mjbrox: I agree, I am ready for more than one new political party.

  • Anon-

    I agreed with you up until two nights ago. Perhaps this guy might be another politician, but in one fell swoop about 2 billion of the world’s people liked America again. It may be shortlived, but goodwill goes a long way in my mind.

  • Yeah 700 Quebec – the best block in DC!

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