Random Reader Revel – Thanksgiving Edition

Well, for this Thanksgiving open thread – I thought I’d ask what you guys are thankful for?

I’m thankful for the fact that my car accident 2 years ago which recently resulted in a lawsuit for $100k just got settled for an amount covered by my liability insurance, whew. Now this is going to be corny as hell but I’m thankful for having an unbelievably awesome bunch of friends. I’m also thankful for meeting so many cool new people through PoP and for you guys who make this site so rewarding to run.  Man, that’s corny so sue me.  No don’t sue me I can’t take that stress again…

How about you?

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  • I am thankful to have a roof, food and the most wonderful friends and family. Also thankful for PoP, which I read loyally every day.

  • ill say it. I am thankful most of the transplants are leaving town today and adams morgan will tonight and tonight only be like one big highschool reunion for those of us from DC.

  • I’m thankful for steady if not maddening job in these uncertain economic times (anyone hiring in the international agricultural development sector?), thankful my last batch of cider came out well, thankful for a great set of roomates and friends here in my new home, and finally thankful for the opportunity to be the thorn in Anon 12:26’s side whilst my tranplanted tail explores a mostly desserted DC 😉

  • Hey if you have cider you are welcome to hang with us OG’s anytime.

  • Thankful for a free meal tomorrow at my job.

    Not a native, but a native Brooklynite — is that a different species, Anon 12:26?

  • Thankful to be living the beautiful life!

  • Thankful for job security, and thankful for PoP (ok, and the Internet generally) who allow me to mentally escape when I feel like I can’t stand aforementioned job any longer!

  • That Onion article was hilarious! So apt, and one of the reasons why I don’t go to my parents for Thanksgiving!

    As for what I’m thankful for – that I get to leave work in 25 minutes and don’t have to come back until Monday!

  • Thankful for my husband. That we still have good jobs (even though there are paycuts). That we paid off our credit card! That after years of angst I now love seeing my family and they’re still around to see (growing up can be refreshing). Grateful for super-cool inlaws. Grateful for great friends. Grateful for pumpkin rolls and stuffing and the possibility of a bit too much wine tomorrow. Woo hoo! Life is good!

  • I am so very thankful for the administration change in process.

  • I’m thankful for President-elect Barack Obama, the great kids I tutor with in SE, my lovely place on U street, still having my job though there was a chance I might not, friends, and family…. and hoping that my parent’s oven doesn’t break so I can cook a turkey for 8 hungry people tomorrow (it’s been on the fritz today…yikes).

  • I’m thankful for great friends and co-workers, wonderful opportunities, and fantastic professors. I’m thankful I managed to get my car fixed for $350 instead of $1300 so I could go to New England this week. Like hipchick and u street girl, I’m also thankful for this year’s election.

  • I am thankful at the very least that they caught goddamn Michael Richardson again, so hopefully it’ll mean there’ll be less a chance of anybody getting mugged/robbed/attacked during the holiday weekend.

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